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For most of us 26th January is just another holiday.

Fortunately for me, my navy dad never let me miss the Republic Day Parade - and one I got to college, I made sure that I never missed out on it. Not only did the Parade bring back memories of a little me sitting with Dad and he explaining each and every float, the regiments as they marched past, once I understood the significance of the Parade, it makes me feel very very patriotic to watch the giant steps that our country has taken in its 61 years of independence. In hostel, we used to commemorate and celebrate Republic day and Independence Day by ensuring that between the two roommates we wore all the coulours of our Flag on us - saffron, green, white and blue - and we had to be in Indian dress. There were others amongst us who would paint our faces in triclour. This will be the first time that I shall watch the Parade with my hubby, also a Parade enthusiast (thankfully). I further vow that we shall continue the tradition of watching the Parade on 26th January.

Mera Bharat Mahan !!!!



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6 pm on a lovely Saturday evening, and here I am still stuck in office doing an analysis of issues for a matter which is on the 28th. I wish the concept of flexi-timing was allowed on Saturdays at least. My social life is A BIG HUGE ZERO since even Saturdays are plain old working days; and the one Sunday we get, we clean house and sleep. Yup the boring married couple that we are. A 6 day work-week should be outlawed. Its inhumane and plain torture.

The worst of sitting in office on a Saturday till 6:30 is that post lunch none of us are really working, we are simply whiling away our time, doing some perfunctory work. The whole point of working is destroyed. Everyone maintains a semblance of work, while actually surfing the net, blogging and chatting - including yours truly.

The hubby also works Saturdays, so for us our Sunday morning sleep-in is sacrosanct. Woe betide my maid if she dares to ring the bell before 8:30 am on a Sunday.

And yeaaaaaaaaaaaah, India won :)

We showed those bloody%^&*$#@ Aussies. Bloody 'mates' can give it but they just can't take it. In school, we used to call them BULLIES. That is exactly what they are - plain old bullies, who when they are given a dose of their own medicine ran crying racism to the umpire, who like one of those typical Indian mothers said 'Mera beta kuch galat nahin kar sakta' . Helooo, calling someone a monkey is not racist, but a plain and simple insult. Or it is also possible that Sardar Bhajji was actually saying 'Teri ma ki*&^%$' and our poor old Symonds being a doodh ka dhula hua bachcha got all offended and ran crying Mommy, Mommy, or in this case Umpire, Umpire.

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