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Blogger's been acting up like crazy for sometime, making it difficult for me o post anything. I will soon be moving to Wordpress & will give (all of you who do read my blog) the new link soon. That blog is still a work in progress.I also waned to wish you all Happy Durga Puja & Happy Navratras. have a blast this coming week. I am off to Cal on Monday for a week and plan to wear a whole lot of saris this time since I rarely get to wear them. Byieeeeeeeeee. Have a great time folks :)


Traffic Karma

Posted by SMM on 21:06
I have bad traffic karma.

(I also have bad 'my bag is always the last bag to come out after a flight' karma while we'r at it).
If there is a traffic jam, I have to be stuck in it. If there is a pile-up thanks to some car which has broken down ahead, yes yes I will be there in the middle of that pile-up, tearing my hair out and station-hopping hoping to find some good music playing and not some stupid RJ going on yadda yadda  nonstop (Btw why do they all sound so bright and chirpy, don't you just feel like strangling them ever).
When it pours and the traffic (obviously) goes bonkers, I am caught up in the worst of it. My new record is 6 hours on the road. And everytime that I am suffering my bad traffic karma, my husband who has excellent traffic karma (and he refuses to pass some onto me to even things out) is either working from home that day or he is travelling. My trafic karma also extends to my train travels.

Yesterday, after I was stuck in Gurgaon for two hours and hadn't even managed to reach the toll plaza, I took an U-turn home, picked up MIL, changed from my black-n-whites into some friendly tattered denims & old tee and the two of us took off for the salon where we spent a good 4 hours. You know what they say, when life gives you lemons you make lemonade :P

What's your traffic karma?



Posted by SMM on 15:45
We plan and we plan and we coordinate schedules and we meet a friend for lunch at this Thai place in the Defence Colony Market for a Friday which in itself is a major achievement.
Said friend shows me her new ring on the left hand and we do the required 'Ooohhs' and 'Aaaahs' as that was he main purpose of the lunch.
We do the yak-yak thing where we discuss clothes and shoes and her recent trip to USA and my Mahabaleshwar trip and I tell her all about my new grey block heeled suede shoes (some ooohing and aaahing required here from you guys) while we eat the spring rolls (chicken) and drink our coke, have the main course (Thai red curry for her & Basil chicken for me), share a desert (brownies with ice cream & lots of hot chocolate sauce). And then we call for the check.
Which is when we realise that between the two of us we only have 500 bucks and no card. Ooooops.
We call the waiter and explain the situation to him, so we run down to get into her car and quickly drive to my office, which is when we realise the said car also has a puncture. Oooooops.


Full Circle

Posted by SMM on 11:18
Life has taken a full circle for me.

When I passed out of college in 2006 and joined work, I used to be very amazed and astounded as to how my seniors would remember dates, details of every case, innumerable judgements, quote sections & judges at the drop of a hat, use legal terminology when making normal conversation and expect the other person to understand.

Three years down the line, I call my tailor and ask if he has "amended" my kurta and then wonder why he cannot understand what I am saying.

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