Goofy Childhood Tales

Posted by SMM on 18:59
Pal had tagged us to tell tales of the goofy things we did as kids. I'v done loads, but I'm going to have censor some.
  • When my dad would return home, I would take  his big heavy white uniform shoes in two hands and bring him his slippers. If I couldn't find the slippers, I used to tug the slippers off my mom's feet and take them to him 
  • In Vizag, there was this particular road in the colony which had a steep valley and was the favourite spot for all of us kids to cycle. Two of us used to come down the two slopes from opposite ends with legs in the air straight at each other. The one who swerved first was the one who lost. Onetime, both of us did not swerve, and we banged into each other damaging our cycles and falling into the barbed wire on the side. I ended up getting stitches on my knee 
  • I was so excited the first time I got homework from school that I woke my dad up the next day to take me to school early since I had completed it :P
  • Perk is my favourite chocolate. Even jumped jumped from the first floor balcony during a vella summer vacation and won a bet for 9 perks. Also broke my ankle.  Had to wear plaster for a good 4 weeks in the Calcutta summers.
  • I was all set to travel from Bombay to Calcutta on the truck taking our furniture, car etc. when we got transferred till my dad yelled at me to get off the truck
  • My friend and I would hide our Mills & Boons behind our textbooks and read during class. One time the teacher got suspicious and asked us what we were reading, so S gave sme vague answer. Then the teacher asked us which page we were on. S confidently replied "Pg. 79." The teacher quietely says the class is on Pg. 84. Immediately S looks at me and says "Mam, what to do? SMM is such a slow reader." (Okay this was probably not goofy but definitely funny in hindsight)
  • I started writing a school series inspired by Malory Towers and St. Clairs. Yet to complete it. I wanted to be the next Enid Blyton.
  • After every class, we used to have a prize giving ceremony at home
  • I still insist on  two gifts from my parents. My logic being I get them 2 gifts, so they can't  cheat and give me only 1 gift :P
I don't name anyone specifically to do this tag. If you want to do it, go ahead and do it and tell me that you have done it please. I wanna read your goofy tales too :) 


Randomly - About Kasauli & IPL

Posted by SMM on 12:18
Well first things first....thanks all of you who wished us and boo to those who didn't :P
We had a great time a Kasauli as you can see from our snaps. We stayed in a cottage in a resort called Baikunth.

That's my other half posing on the overhanging porch outside our cottage. You can see a part of the cottage on the left. We had this lovely window seat in the cottage with a huge glass window so you could read and look outside in the mountains and contemplate as well. I'v told Arjun that when we buy our own house, I want a window seat like that too. 
That's yours truly shivering away in the late evening breeze in the lovely garden. They had a lovely garden with garden swings, wrought iron and jute garden furniture with canopies. We  did plan on dining out every night, except for the fact that I forgot to carry a jacket, and the true blue Bong that I am, I would start shivering at the slightest breeze. We did manage to have drinks outside though one night :)
That's me posing on a lovely sunny morning in our porch.You can see the mountains and trees in the background. This was before our Kerala massage. The resort had a Kerala massage facility, so both of us got a body massage done. That was really really great. Ideal anniversary - eat, sleep, get a massage done, watch the IPL matches, spend quality time with each other, go for a hike, lots of photo-ops for my shutterbug hubby,and reading time for me. Added plus point for Arjun was that since we not staying in the main Kasauli town, I did no shopping and the gift shop at the resort was only discovered on the last day and it was closed.
These Raybans were Arjun's anniversary gift. I  got them made for his power. The guy was thrilled with his first ever shades (He would use the money to buy another lens/ camera stuff) and getting sunglasses custom-made are well....always secondary to his camera. This now demands the story of how he became a bakra. These were a total surprise for him and he had no idea whatsoever that I had ordered these for him and had asked them to be delivered at his parent's place. Friday night his parents came over to meet us before we left and my MIL gave me the Rayban box in front of him. This guy huffed and puffed cuz he thought I went and bought myself a sunglasses and didn't get him anything and slunk off to a corner with beer in hand to sulk. he even refused to see them. My FIL tried them on and said in a totally surprised tone "Are, these are power wale sunglasses, but they'r not my power." My MIL said they'r too big for her face. Then I tried them on as well and said they were not my power. By the end of all this drama, Arjun figured out they were for him and well...the glee on his face said it all.
That's the lovely couple taking a breather during their hike.
That is the one and only desert I had in our 4 days there. Hey, I have to have something mitha on my 2nd anniversary.

That is Kasauli at night.
There were wind-chimes hung up in all unlikely places and we could hear them tinkling every time the wind blew but we couldn't however see them, except for this one we spotted on a tree.
And that is my favourite photographer caught in action :) 
Pictures: Courtesy Arjun Mahajan. These are his copyrighted images and any unauthorized usage will not be taken lightly. 
Now about IPL. Down with SRK. He makes Dada a judge on some stupid cheerleaders and the strips him off his captaincy. Use saari Bangaliyon ke gaaliyan padengi. uski saari movies flop karenge. (Btw where are the selected cheerleaders? I have only seen the blonde babes dancing).

Oh and do check out the Fake IPL Player. Don't know who he is and if he actually is who he claims to be, i.e., a fake IPL player, but he sure is bringing us his aankhon dekha masala gossip straight from South Africa.

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We'r off for the weekend....we plan on having loads of fun :P
And you guys have a great weekend too :)
See ya on Wednesday.


Mini Vacation

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I llllove long weeekends. They are like a mini-vacation in themselves. However, what is a long weekend for me is generally not considered a long weekend by the saner working population.

For me, Sunday is a weekend. A half-day on a Saturday is a long weekend and two whole days of no office work carried home/calls/meetings/ conferences/draftings etc etc etc. is a mini-vacation. I had a mini-vacation this weekend.

And the next weekend, Arjun and me are off to Kasauli to bring in our 2nd anniversary. We'v almost completed 2 years. Time does fly. I know its a cliche, but it does seem like just yesterday that we got married and I just moved to Gurgaon. Last year, we brought in our first anniversary in Jaipur and this time we'r off to Kasauli. We'v decided to go away every year at this time and take a short break for as long as we can manage. Now I just have my fingers & toes crossed that nothing comes up at the last minute and we do manage to go away.

However, this week is rather hectic for both of us since we won't be here for two days next week and the last minute court holiday today has thrown things a little out of gear. Makes getting up and going on the treadmill every morning verrrry tough indeed. However, FF vasiyon, I promise I don't intend to use this as a continued excuse. Please kick my ass and send me back on the treadmill.

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Recently overheard:
'If the geography is good why worry about the history?'


Old Friends

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Tell me would I be wrong if I was upset with someone who was my closest friend once upon a time and she cut me off after her marriage claiming she was forever busy?
Tell me would I be wrong if I told her that friendship cannot be one-sided and that I have tried enough to maintain it?
Tell me would I be wrong if I told her that I was upset with her for having suddenly cut me out?
Tell me would I be wrong if I told her that she was not the only who had to manage home, a demanding job and in-laws?
Tell me would I be wrong if I told her that I have heard her sorry's so many times now that it makes no difference because she has not acted upon them?
Tell me would I be wrong if I told her that she would have to show me that my friendship means something to her before it can get anywhere close to where it was?
Tell me if I am stupid that I still give her a chance after so many times because I value our friendship, or what it once was?

Tell me if I am wrong in that I still mis her since she was my closest friend and knows me inside-out and vice versa?


Tagtime - 1,2,3,...

Posted by SMM on 17:30
Hey folks. Been a while. Blame it on work. We poor over-worked, impoverished lawyers.
So Mumbai Diva has tagged me...I have to assign the importance of each of the numbers from 1 - 10.
1 - The class when I started reading - from Noddy to 7'o Clock tales - I devoured them all.
2 - The number of years that Arjun and me have been married (well almost 2 - we complete 2 years this month). Also the number of children I want.
3 - The number of years that I have been out of college and on my own in this big bad world
4 - The number of my closest friends whom I can tell anything and everything
5 - The number of years I spent in Pune and of which I have very fond memories
6 - The month of my birthday :D
7 - The number of years since I have left home
8 - The number of kilos I aim on losing
9 - My date of birth (Yes I am obsessed about my birthday - Kya karen? Comes only once a year :P )
10 - The plots I have in my brain for my books :P
Okie this was fun...I tag Arjun, Utopia, Lostie, Ria and Rachita to do it. And anyone else who wants do it. Do it and ping me. I'l come and check out your countdown too.

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