Is Muthalik Sleeping?

Posted by SMM on 23:08
Have you seen the ads for Ipill? Since I couldn't find the link on Youtube, I'l just layout the bare storyboard.
1st Advertisement

Scene 1 - A young girl hurriedly getting up from breakfast table where her parents are also shown eating, grabbing her bag and hurrying out.

Scene 2 - She gets into a cab where her friend is waiting to pick her up and is shown to be very upset and is crying.

Scene 3 - They make the rounds of various abortion clinics and show that the girl is too scared to enter it.

Scene 4 - Solution is Ipill -72. Take it within 72 hours of unprotected sex and your saved from the bother of an unwanted pregnancy.

2nd Advertisement

Scene 1 - Call at midnight and girl hurries into bathroom and shuts door while answering the call.

Scene 2 - She asks details of When? Where? Exact details of time.

Scene 3 - Solution is Ipill -72. Take it within 72 hours of unprotected sex and your saved from the bother of an unwanted pregnancy.

Now a similar pill of another company going by the very befitting name of 'Unwanted-72' at least has the sense to show two married couples in their advertisements.

Now correct me if I'v got this wrong, but it sounds to me like the Ipill-72 guys are basically saying "Go ahead and have all the unprotected sex you want ladies.Just pop in an Ipill-72 within 72 hours to protect yourself from an unwanted pregnancy."

Ummm...are they encouraging young UNMARRIED girls to give into the throes of passion and sleep around (as seen from their advertisement). How did this get past the moral police? Are Muthalik and guys sleeping (literally) while UNMARRIED WOMEN sleep around and corrupt Indian culture and Indian men?
PS: I'm not even going to get into the issue of AIDS and STDs and unprotected sex.


World War V

Posted by SMM on 15:30
That's because WW III and WW IV are over and done with today - and that is the good news.
Ever just felt like simply screaming and letting out whatever is inside you head.
Ever felt like just curling up in your blanket to shut out the world like an ostritch hiding its head in the sand.
Ever felt like simply chucking up everything and walking away - damn all obligations & responsibilties to hell.
Ever felt its one of those days when everything is gloomy and the sun will never shine again (metaphorically speaking).
Ever felt that its one of those days when even banging your head against the wall won't make a difference.
Ever felt that its one of those days when the moment you open your mouth you know that World war V will start.
Ever felt like borrowing harry Potter's Invisibility Cloak just so that your the nly person in your world for that day.
Ever felt like your the target at the end of a firing squad.
Ever felt like saying that even chocolate won't help today.
Yes, its one of those days today.


Succesful Weekend Bachao Aandolan

Posted by SMM on 00:24
Thursday almost felt like the last day of school before it shut for the month-long summer vacations....or in  our case a loooong 3 day weekend.That's an unheard concept in our office. We scurried around like mice trying to finish stuff before the weekend and to ensure we didn't need to come in on any of the days.I did end up carrying work home though, but I prefer to working from home rather than going in on a weekend to office. Major 'Weekend Bachao Aandolan' happened at work on  all our ends.
Friday the 14th was the first day of our  'vacation'. I lolled around in bed till late, then dropped Arjun off at the mall to get tickets for an afternoon show and went to the dentist to get my stitches removed. Stitches removed (Yipppeeee) and I was also assured that the other wisdom tooth did not need to come out asap and to wait until there is some sign of toruble (Read: Pain).Phew!!!! I was torturting myself (and consequently Arjun) with thoguhtds of another week of semi-solid food.
Then an afternoon show of Kaminey, some shopping ( a very pretty white shirt for work and a strappy blue top). Then off for the opening of a friend's exhibition (photography) where I was strictly warned not to say anything beyond 'Oh very pretty/nice'. You see I'm not one who understands too much of artistic adaayein etc. and I never get the 'The white depicts good & black depicts the darkness and evil' kind of dialogues and end up making some very stupid  remarks (Oh well, I'v had some of my wisdom extracted. Now what do you expect me to understand with only half my wisdom still with me. I pick and choose what to use the wisdom on :P)
Oh and go watch Kaminey....Dhan ta da :P
Solid phaataphaati movie guru...we Bongs are mad, but we still rock :P


Guess who's baaaaaaack

Posted by SMM on 11:51
Ths is dedicated to all my loyal blogger pals ( Wish I could say that I also had a few fans) who still bother to drop by and check up on me. Hey guys...I'm still alive and kicking. Just not been writing. This hiatus was not an intentional one - just that everyday something came up, and I'd say "Oh!!! I have afew minutes...I'l comment on this blog and that blog" and then due to paucity of time, I'd miss out on penning a few lines in my own blog. Or I'd read some wonderful posts like this one by Chandni or this by Mumbai Diva or this by Dee or this by Miss M or this by Ria or this by Mad Momma or this by Monica or this by Lostie or this by D or this by Indian Homemaker, and then I wonder what could I write that you guys would still come read me.
I haven't been upto much off late though I did make a long overdue flying visit to Bombay from where a busload of us drove down from Bombay to Mahabaleshwar. The drive was wonderful and we (three of us who went from Delhi and have all studied in Pune) hogged on  sabudana kichdi/ wada, poha, upma, vada pao & dabelis. We drove through clouds too at one point.
Here are a few pics from the journey taken from my very basic 'point & shoot' digicam.
This is the three of us who went from the Delhi office.
We partied all night and totally let our hair down & took the first bus back from Mahabaleshwar to aamchi Mumbai to take the late evening flight back to saddi Dilli. We drove through Pune too at one point and the whole bus (which was a whole bunch of people who had studied in Pune) was trying to coax the boss that we had to stop and pitch tent there. The whole time that we were in Mahabaleshwar, it rained ad it poured & we were constantly wet & cold, but it was good fun. A great impromptu trip.
The same weekend that i had gone to Bombay & Mahabaleshwar, Arjun had gone to Hyderabad on work and satyed back there for a couple of days to spend time with his best friend - Johnnie (who makes the best biryani ever). He had a great time with his friends & I had a great time with my friends. He also got me back pearls & glass bangles from the city of the Nizam.
And after the fun times, we'r now gettuing our house painted & some minor renovations & all done. It started last Sunday & we'r hoping that it will be done by this weekend. i'm also due for some minor surgery tomorrow.
And at work, i'v been banging my head against the proverbial brick wall.
I also got loads of chocolates yesterday from my lovely bro in Chennai and a very close friend, who's also my rakhi brother.
Yup so I'v been busy. Btw, all those who'v managed to read till here, I have a question?
If you had a million dollars & could live off the interest for the rest of your life, what would you do? Would you give up working? Join an NGO? Travel the rest of your life? Live your dream?

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