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Yes this is how I feel...stuck in the endless routine of home and work, I feel frustrated now. I have nothing to look forward to every morning - nothing to keep me going. Even going for the ocassional movie is passe. My Sundays just zip past - I barely get to know when it started and when it ended. My entire morning goes in the household chores; and the rest of the day just seems too less after that to go anywhere. I need some excitement in life. I wish to join some classes - salsa or language maybe, just anything to keep the frustration at bay. As a student, I would eagerly look forward to the days when I would be standing on my own two feet - but now that I am settled professionally, and personally, I feel like there is the excitement factor lacking in my life. I have nothing to talk about. I have become a boring person - reduced to talking about mundane things like the weather, work and maid troubles.

As a result of all this, I have become very cranky and irritable I feel. I need to something to kepe me going. I am becoming impossible to live with. I blow up at the smallest of things. I love my hubby, but how long is he going to tolerate my irritation. I feel like I'm stuck in a rut, going nowhere. I enjoy my work, yes, I really enjoy it, but I need something. I feel like I'm losing myself in this endless routine life.


I know what you mean... Feels like being stuck in a warped microcosm, I do not like the feeling myself. This rut, is it specific to lawyers? I like the blog and hope to be a regular :)

Tired of the routine eh... erm you could try a new hobby you always wanted to, a new language as you mentioned, a vacation that might be needed.. so much to do.

Just step out.

Rachita: After talking to a few others, I realized that its not particular to me or to lawyers only. So that makes me happy :)

J: Well a vacation did the trick for me then....hopefully my next one coming up in mid-August should revive the spirit again

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