One whole year gone by...

Posted by SMM on 17:19

Hey...a whole year gone by. A big step for both of us. Now we'r slowly getting over the magic of the newly - weds, but the magic will never fade completely.

Marriage is not all that what everyone said it would be. In some ways, its more than what I had thought it to be, in some ways its way less than what I thought it would be.

For me, Arjun is my husband, my life partner, friend, philosopher, guide, the mad hatter, my best buddy, the irritating madcap at times, the brat at another. He makes me want to tear my hair out sometimes and another time to give him a big hug and comfort him. Marriage is a bond, but its not jail.

We have accepted each other as we are, for better or for worse, in good times and bad, in sickness and in health. It's a tough commitment to live upto, but it's worth it. 365 days have just flown by in the wink of an eye...and may many more years will also just fly by.

PS: My kid sister (she is going to be so pissed when she reads that bit) has written this simply wonderful poem for Arjun and me...This is the link. Read it cuz anything I say will do it injustice.



the feeling is mutual wifey!!
luv ya loads!

erm... kid who?


and yes,this was a bherybhery nice post.but i'm NOT a kid.

the growling was quite loud I say!!
it's not fair to be treated like a kid.... esp since you're 18+
you need to sort this out with your sister.....

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