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I love books. Have learned them since I learned how to read. Started with Noddy and moved onto Five O'Clock tales and Brer rabbit to Malory Towers, Road Dahl, Chalet School to Nancy Drew and Sherlock Holmes to...well the list goes on and on.

I confess that at the age of ten I was also so inspired by all the school tales I read - Malory Towers, St. Clare's and especially Chalet School with its cosmospolitan mix of students from all over Europe before WWII, and their concept of designated days of the week for speaking German, French and Italian - that I even tried my hand at writing (actually banging it out on my dad old typewriter) own version of a school girl's tale (first hand) and even managed a few chapters.

Today I enjoy reading - I can't sleep without reading a few pages first. but I do confess that for me reading is an escape. I prefer reading about fairies and the other lands and aliens and history and romance (my alltime favourite) and adventure and mystery human emotions.

Not for me the heavy duty highbrow books of Paulo Coelho (not that I have anything against him) and Arundhati Roy. I don't want to think and exercise my tired brain some more (I think enough and exercise my brains enough at work). I only want to escape from the daily humdrum into the world where the book leads me.

That was one of my deepest and darkest secrets which I have today confessed :)


Hello SMM. I'm actually planning a post on the lines of what you say here. About reading to actually be taken into a different world.

I'd rather read a book that took me away from reality than reminded me of it. So I know what you mean when you write this post:)

Me too me too!! But I oike Coelho and Arundhati roy too :)
In fact i too need to read just before going to sleep--and will read anything including labels on ketch up bottles :)
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