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So I'm back from Cal - had a great time.

So I was getting blouses made for some 3-4 saris and the 'brilliant' made sure he f%$#@&* them all up royally in some way or the other and then refused to even acknowledge that fact, insisting that in a span of 4 days I have put on so much weight, that I don't know how to give measurements, that I don't know how to wear a blouse, that I am deliberately insisting that the blouse does not fit because I have a lack in life....you get the idea.

So does Karan Oberoi think that that the entire TV watching population in India is made of idiots. There is this new serial which has started on Zee called 'Haadsa'. The closest I can get to explain 'Haadsa' would be a tragedy or maybe an unfortunate event. They had these promos all over the channel for the past month or so showing a serial killer, a girl who ends up being the last passenger on a bus with leery conductor, a bomb on a school van. The promos looked really promising....alas looks are sooo deceptive. I eagerly sat down to wtach the first episode - which was soooooo pathetic. These guys seem to get all their word done by coincidence. its just coincidence that these elite task force dudes and dudettes go into a shop to conduct a hunt, and the moment they get there, our Mr. Oberoi picks up one diary which has all the clues written in it, telling them where the drugs are hidden etc etc. And this elite task force is out hunting for some killer creature in a jungle - where their boss dude is all suited booted while one of the dudettes is all decked up i a nice dainty kurti and matching heels. Oh and when they'r hunting for the killer creature, they are all looking simultaneously in one direction leaving their backs all open for attack. Then again in the shop where they are conducting a search, they hear a noise and all of them go running toward the place where they heard it, none of them fan out in different directions. But of course this is a tv serial and all of us are nincompoops so of course we don't realize all this. Mr. Oberoi (he is the producer btw which is why I am harping on him), you really need to get better writers, tighter storylines and script, more believable clothes and a little bit of detective work in there to ensure that the audience does actually believe that you guys constitute an elite task force.

And another funny coincidence was when my Mom and me picked up the same kurta for each other...and also same t-shirt for the hubby. Luckily we saw that in time and changed one of the tees to a nice bright blue one. But we stuck with the same kruta. maybe we can wear it together and be all 'matching - matching' :)


liked your blog SMM.....yeah teel me abt those tailors in Kol. Sure do know them pretty well & why do they get extra creative when it comes to blouses!

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