Who am I?

Posted by SMM on 14:10
I am a Bengali who traveled the length and breadth of my country (since my Dad was with the Indian Navy) before we finally settled down in Calcutta. I was born in Delhi. I started my schooling in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh. I did my Law from Pune University. Of two of my closest friends in Pune - one is a Keralite Muslim and the other is a Parsi while my roommate was part UP-ite and part Kannada. I have spent 3 years during my school life in Bombay, 5 years in Pune and another year working in Bombay before I got married and moved up North. I am married to a man who is part Himachali and part Punjabi. I stay in Gurgaon, Haryana and work in Delhi. My maternal grandparents have never lived in Bengal - they were from Uttar Pradesh. My paternal grandmother grew up in Rajasthan & Simla while my paternal grandfather migrated from Bangladesh. I speak English, Hindi and Bengali comfortably. I can pretty much understand and speak Marathi & a little bit of Punjabi. Arjun converses with my grandmother comfortably - she talks to him in Bengali and he replies in Hindi. 
So what do I call myself?  A Bengali by birth, a Himachali by marriage, a Puneite/ Bombayite  by way of residence, education & work, a Delhiite by way of being born here and now work, a Gurgaonite by way of residence - I am really confused.
Mr. Raj Thakeray who am I? Since you have proclaimed that a person born in Delhi but working in Bombay cannot call himself a Dilliwala, what do I call myself when people ask me? Pray tell.


I am all confused !!!! :O

NICE!!!!! :) Very very sarcastic.. very very nice.

Well Ashish in light of Mr. Raj Thackeray's outbursts against anything and anyone non-Marathi I am indeed confused. Hope he clarifies my doubt asap.

Hey She thanks. Btw you know what is indeed funny - that the Thackerays have actually got their surname from the famous William Makepeace Thackeray. Guess he missed that part and Marathicised his own name.

Now I'm wondering when will the mobs cme :P

Oh and Ashish & She...welcome to my blog. Hope to see ya guys around more often

lets hope that he will clear our doubts !!! I liked your blog so i would continue to visit ur blog , not asking bt just hoping that u wud visit my small lil cute looking blog too !!! :D

I shall certainly drop by on your blog soon Ashish...keep the doors open :)

so... who are you ??

Please tell us that...!!

I stick to the bald headed, brat minded effervescent youngster basking in the glow of your affection with no angst towards most... dats me...

who are you?

Well Arjun I know that I am Indian with connections in many parts of the country - but Mr. Raj Thakray has certainly left me confused which is precisely why this open question to him to clarify my very valid doubt

Amazing!!i wish he read this blog and had a reply to ur question. I cant tell u hw ridiculous am i finding all this. :-/

Good question, though I doubt it will sink into his totally blocked view.. btw when did the state take precedence over the fact that first we are human and then indian.. !!

omg whoever who said that is so narrow-minded!

Ignore such ppl. We dun need any more DIVISION than wut this world already has!


Ria: Wish he did answer. probably busy raising dharna against Jaya bachchan now :p

Anu, didn't realize Raj Thackeray constituted a state. State is as defined in Article 12 of the Constitution...and as far as my understanding goes he is definitely not State :P

He is just another guy who got kicked out by hs uncle and is now trying to get some media attention and this is the only way that he can do it

Keshi...that is the whole debate. Thackeray is an idiot who is only trying to garner media attention by making stupid statements

.. and now Jaya and Hubby have gone and apologized.. no wonder these crackheads rule us!!

nooo.. i didnt mean he was a state, i meant in peoples view when did being from a particular state take precedence...? :D !!

lol it seems like it. Worse, there r actually alot of ppl who support such dumb statements!


This was interesting. So curious to me that people even care to micro manage how others identify or think of themselves. People are strange for sure.

hey SMM hows u? :)


Arjun, Jaya & hubby are just too scared that the producers will sue them if their film fails and they will be made to pay up like Rajnikanth had to do for Kuselan

Anu, that's thew whole point. Wherever i went I am an Indian - I never felt differentiated against because of being from a different state. People in fact went out of their way to help more when they realized that I didn't speak the local language. A trip to kerala had me playing dumb charades with the shopkeeper while I tried to ask for a comb, but that's what India is about. Unity in Diversity

Hey keshi...I'm still one earth - just been too bogged down with work and other stuff off late :)

How'z you and the throat?

Solitaire, that's the whole point. Raj Thackeray wants only marathi manoos to prevail, no bhartiya naari/ nar

Raven: These are various parocially inclined politicians trying to garner vote banks by harping on their state and their cultural pride to the exclusion of all others. Inspired by Hitler and his doctrine of Aryan Superiority - though on a smaller scale and without the genocide (yet)

i dare T to remove every genetically non marathi from the state. maharashtra will then be a tiny dot in the map. just a tiny dot.

I thought so. Take it easy HUGS!


that should keep Raj to close one of his holes and keep mum for sometime.. good post


I know who you are.

You are a complete Indian.,.

Some people make a mockery of the very existence of co-existence.,. Lets see how soon,they realize that.,.

Hey and dont give liberty to Thackeray to judge who you are.,. You will be labelled a anti-social then ;)

P.S: "Who Am I" is the movie in which Jackie Chan acted ;)

Hey Aham, there is no way Mr. T can get all non-maharashtrians removed from Bombay. No way at all. Even he wouldn't dare do any such thing

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Hey Criz welcome to my blog and thanks. Hope to see ya around more often. Hope Raj Thakeray will keep his mouth shut for sometime now

Hey Prashant...I haven't given liberty to anyone to judge me a all. This post was intended to be sarcastic. Guess you missed that bit :)

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