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I have whole-heartedly supported the Kolkata Knight Riders the previous season as well as this season. Guess I didn't learn my lesson well last year. However, this team does not deserve my support. This team has let me and millions of its other fans down by giving up which shows in its very attitude.  I have defended KKR  all throughout, but they don't deserve one bit of this support. They were never a team to begin with. I was supporting Sourav Ganguly and will continue to state that he is one of India's best players. I will also state that it is my humble opinion that Shahrukh Khan chose chose his coach and his skipper unwisely. That is I reiterate, only my humble opinion. 
Nonetheless I don't  have any more enthusiasm  to cheer for this team anymore or scream "Korbo, lorbo, jeetbo re". If KKR had gone down fighting, I would have supported them, but KKR has gone out with a whimper - not what I would expect from my team.
Today I publicly renounce my support to the KKR team. I shall now divide my support between Delhi Daredevils and Mumbai Indians.
Disclaimer: If KKR does come back with a bang the next season and makes it to the semi-finals, I shall support them again. Today I am only one, but KKR has lost alot of its supporters. They need to play and win matches, and bring us back into the fold again. We want to be there.


i dont follow cricket.. but even i know that Kolkatta team ALWAYS loses...i think u shud shift ur loyalties to a team that wins at least once in a while... cant suggest which one tho..

are you a bengali? :P....

hmmm im not sure you can say kolkata were never a team to begin with... but they arent a great team once they did begin... i think th old indian legacy of paper tigers... ganguly, ishant all those australians... and well, anyways, their lineup isnt great compared to th other teams, so maybe yr right.... hmmmph, there i go contradicting myself, and then contradicting that and wat not... gosh, i shud learn to shut up when im so muddled up, especially wen im making my first comment on a blog!

hehee... hi:)

KKr, well they have been undone,by internal fued.
They would be one team wishing this IPL finishes soon.

last season I ended up supporting Rajasthan Royals cos KKR lost and this time too I am gonna be doing the same cos I cannot get myself to support Royal Challengers Bangalore.hmphhhh!
whats with KKR? i so badly wanted them to win.

So you have publicly renounced your TEAM!!
hee hee haa haa

Victory is mine!!!

u hav said exactly wht i wud hav wanted to say here. Echo ur sentiments babe.

I don't watch it either, but have heard too much about KKR to not comment now! I hear you! And support u too! But I love SRK :-) And I guess u do too!!

Spoken like a true bong ;-) ..Sorry couldn't resist taking a dig at this one as I see all my bong friends fuming...

oye what abt chennai. though delhi / mumbai r cool too.

where is my comment, the one where I made fun of bongs ....grrrrrr


I must admit, i'm totally out of sync with the IPL, so I assume KKR is out of the tourney.

Hey Mandira...its is sad that KKR always loses and have developed such a reputation despite having such god players in the team. I'm wondering where to switch loyalties to though?

Hey Avaran...welcome to my blog and thnx for dropping by and commenting.

Yes I am a Bong. I did supprt KKR simply cuz it had Dada and were the Cal team. But all my support went to nought. These guys deserve no support. SRK is so busy minting money by making the players appear in ads that I wonder when they did practice? It also seems as if they were a team on paper simply and not in name. That is really sad

Tarun, as far as hey are concerned the IPL is already over for them. Now they'r hanging around trying to join other teams for the next season, making some more ads, laying the cheerleaders and coming as special commentators on the various cricket shows

Hey Utopia...RCB? Hmmm. Well they ahven't performed that badly this season as KKR has. RR is a good team to support. Shame Warne really motivates his players well and I really Pathan's performance

Yes Arjun...our neighbours can now rest easy knowing that I have renounced my team

Hey Ria...isin't a sad thing that we stop supporting the teams we want to because of lack of performance. Thanks for the support babe

Pallavi...I don't love SRK. I like him in some movies no all. Depends o his character. I just didnt like him in 'Rab ne bana di jodi' though I did like him in OSO

And hanks for the support. KKR seem to have lost alot of their fans :)

Aditya - not Chennai - no bomnding thr. I do have some bond with Mumbai and Delhi na - easier to cheer for them :)

Lsotie...at least we bongs have a team :P

Hey J, KKR's out of the tourney. Crashed out like they did last year. Did you follow it las year?

:| I was in India around that time, but didn't follow it much.

I like ur little pink disclaimer

J, do you follow cricket at all?

Aditya...yor the only one who read the small print :P

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