I feel so good today....

Posted by SMM on 15:13
cuz I'm wearing one of my most favourite and oldest tops which dates back to my second year of college and my favourite pair of bangle-sized silver hoop earrings.
PS: Bangle-sized hoop earrings were my trademak in my college days :)


good what abt a pic... these small joys of life are a treasure

I actually envy women..Even now,u ppl have so much of choices wen it comes to apparels..I go shopping(very ocassionally) with my gal pals and I see that they wouldn't have chosen even one wen men cud shoot down ten from the racks.. Nice post..short yet sweet.. :)

Just went through ur profile ma'am..Kudos.That was actually pretty feel good.. :)

Cheers..am blogrollin ya..:)


wow!!and a pic wud hav completed tht post gal!! :)

i second Monika's demand. picture please.

you still fit into your top from college days? envy, yes yes yes

@ Monika

Yeah good idea...will put up one soon :)

@ MultiMenon

Hey welcome to my blog and thnx for blogrolling me. Will drop by at your blog soon. Thanks so much for goign thru my profile (I bet your one of the few who have actually gone thru it) and for the compliments

Your so right...we girls have a great time shopping. We have so many choices that its really hard sometimes and you guys jjust don't get tht :P

@ Ria

Soon soon :)

@ 'A'

Will put up a pic soon on popular demand :)

I manage to fit into my college jeans and a few tops still :)

Cooooool ! I second Monika. Where's the picture????

moral of the story.. you haven't put on any weight ;)

Do the earrings take you back to college days..I do that sometimes, a lil nostalgia to perk me up :)!
and as everyone said..Pic please

@ Pallavi

Soon soon :p

@ J

I really like your moral...I'd love to also say that it is true, but alas my mmommy taught me not to lie :P

@ Anu

I still have quite a few earrings from my college days which I wear often, but very few tops still around. Wearing the top & the earrings together did make me nostalgic :)

And the pic will be up soon :)

i still wear them....bangle sized hoop earrings that is :) i always have two pairs : one in a silver metal and one in gold....

great, embrace the moment! :)


Hey, there's something for you on my blog!

Its been a while since you posted something!

Btw, first post is up.
Came over to tell you that. :)

Its medha here btw. :)

you've been offline for a bit .. babe..
whass the matter????

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