Block continues

Posted by SMM on 18:23
Aaargghhhhhhhh....my blogger's block continues. I can write and hold discourses on void& voidable contracts for hours, but right now the moment I sit down to write a post, my mind draws a blank. I'm giving it another day and then I'm going to write 'An Autobiography of a Coin' and I want comments from all of you (not the 'Can do better' ones my teachers loved to give, though in all fairness I was always ahead of the class in English and History)


write and we shall see. lol :)

aww...take ur time SMM. dun force urself to write when u dun feel like it. u know how I go on long blog breaks sometimes? Thats when all my creative juice has died :) And when I come back, it's refilled hehe.

All the best! And hey come n read my reply to ya in my current post.



it happens to the best & most creative of us... but i am looking forward to your take on the life story of coin.... coined by a lawyer!!

Actually 'Autobiogaphy of a Coin' sounds intriguing... do tell!

ha ha!!please try tht and i will definitely read tht babe. :) Chill, come back when u really want t write.

The autobiography of a coin.... soon to be released.

Now now.. make us wait no more.

i know. happens. you could try picking up a tag and doing that. it's fun and gives you a reason to post.


@ 'A'

I shall write it today :)

Wish me luck

@ Keshi

Aww thanks Keshi...I haven't blogged in ages now and I'm getting withdrawal symptoms :P

@ Arjun

Lawyer or engineer...makes no difference when writing :P

@ Dewdropdream

Welcome to my blog and thanks for commenting. I think I will write. I'm expecting you all to comment though :P

Hope to see you around more often

@ Ria

I want to write, and I have stuff to write, but when I wrote my words dry up. I'm getting withdrawal symptoms from not blogging :P

@ Mumbai Diva

It's a do or die situation for me. I don't want to take the easy route by doing a tag. I want to write :)

do a tag... pick up the last one i did if u like..its a great way to get over the block..

You've been tagged. Maybe that will help you get over the block. :D

@ Mandira

I got tagged by Gentle Whispers. Will try that :)

@ Gentle whispers

Yup wil do it asap :)


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