Full Circle

Posted by SMM on 11:18
Life has taken a full circle for me.

When I passed out of college in 2006 and joined work, I used to be very amazed and astounded as to how my seniors would remember dates, details of every case, innumerable judgements, quote sections & judges at the drop of a hat, use legal terminology when making normal conversation and expect the other person to understand.

Three years down the line, I call my tailor and ask if he has "amended" my kurta and then wonder why he cannot understand what I am saying.


send this to RD :) LOL..... perils of the job :)

how have you been. I've been away from the blog world for so long and missed reading so many blogs.

ROFL amended kurta :)

but it does happen

LOL! Amended!! What if he replied 'Yes, your honour' ;-)


i agree with "just call me "a" "

@ "A"

Ya your right maybe I should send this to RD :P

I'v been good, awfully busy with work :(

But where have you been. Its good to see you back after so long? Health ok?

@ Monika

It did - to me :P

@ Harini

Yup, maybe I should now tht you guys are saying so :P

so did he propose a counsel for repairing the damages?:P
Cool blog here. I do stay near Supermart in Gurgaon


I have a writer friend who works for tv shows and apparently he found himself telling the barber "Sideburns thoda edit kar do"!

@ Pallavi

The tailor didn't even understand what I was saying...kept saying "Kya kiya kurte ko?" till i realized what I was sayng and asked if h had comepleted the alterations :P

@ Meira

He'd already counselled me about his charges for "amending' the kurta.

Your near supermart? Cool. Coincidentally, this tailor is also in Supermart :P

@ Miss M

So did the barber "edit" his sideburns :P

ha ha Amended kurta! :P Happens gurl.


Yeah, happens..

@ Ria & Mumbai Diva

Ladies...of course it happens. It happened to me :P

You found a good tailor in Gurgaon? Sigh! Sigh! Sigh! :P
I actually stay in Sec 43...but hang out in Supermart (read Nizam's) every other day :D

@ Meira

Ya he's quite decent for everyday & office wear. We'r in Supermart too regularly cuz my library is there. I must have passed you sometme for sure then :P

Yeah! Send it to RD as one of your readers suggested...

Even I insert marketing jargon, IT jargon and whatnot.

You have been lawyerified.

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