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Blogger's been acting up like crazy for sometime, making it difficult for me o post anything. I will soon be moving to Wordpress & will give (all of you who do read my blog) the new link soon. That blog is still a work in progress.I also waned to wish you all Happy Durga Puja & Happy Navratras. have a blast this coming week. I am off to Cal on Monday for a week and plan to wear a whole lot of saris this time since I rarely get to wear them. Byieeeeeeeeee. Have a great time folks :)


Saree - The most beautiful.
Happy Puja.

Blogspot or Wordpress ???
The maximum users ???
But I personally like blogspot because it is user-friendly but people do recommend wordpress.
Good I will learn when you are at wordpress.
See you.

Moving to WP is a good idea :)

Enjoy your saris, I love wearing saris too and don't get to wear them as often as I'd love to :(

have fun gurl!!and wherever u go do pass on the link to me. :) Shubho Bijoya. *Hugs*

yeah yeah welcome this side a better side :)

and enjoy the vacation

that's a wise move..I tried doing the same move to WP,came back running.. :P WP is boring,I gotta say.. :))

anyways,have a nice time at cal.. :)

Happy Durga Pooja and Navrathri to you.. :))


happy saris err.. holidays :)

yay....move move move soon....WP is so nice....blogger feels very primitive now for me.......and happy festive season to you tooo.

dhinchak!! u are moving to WP too!!! yaaaay!! hope u had a great durga puja.

I've been toying with the idea of a move to Wordpress myself. But I haven't been able to do it because Wordpress scares me a litle bit and also because I've gotten so used to Blogger. Hopefully I will be able to gather up my courage and make the jump.

Anyhoo, what I actually wanted to say was, don't forget to give us your wordpress link. I love reading you and I'd hate to lose you even though I probably don't comment as often as I should.

Have fun in Cal with the saris. Im sure you'll look absolutely smashing.

hey SMM tnxx for all ur msgs! I will read u next in ur new space :)


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