Boys....Look who's Back/ Monkey Business?

Posted by SMM on 12:20
Is it who's back or whose back?

Did anyone miss me? Please be nice and say 'Yes'. It will really make my day to know that I have a dedicated fan following :P

I'v been working at client-site in a nationalized bank for the past couple of weeks. It's been crazy. No loos, no water, no food, no chai-coffee on time (that's the toughest part) and oh, we also had a visit from some of the friendly neighbourhod monkeys, who dropped by to share our lunch.Unfortunately, we were a hungry lot and weren't really in the mood to share our meagre fare of sandwiches so we screamed the house down (not literally - it a sturdy angrezon ke zamane ki building and thankfully not a modern-day construction) and called up a colleague who was elsewhere in the building and he came in with half - a dozen bank officers with lathis in their hands. Yup we'r not particularly friendly when we'r working. We got escorted out by bank officers on either side holding lathis & chairs and what not in their hands. Funny in retrospect. Makes for a great story now - not then. All we could think off at that time was 14 injections if any of them even touched us. As for the loos, as time grew short, we just tied hankies around our noses, held our breath and used the loos there. We also carried our own extension cord, water & coffee. Thankfully we didn't have to carry our own chairs and tables also, though they would have been far far more comfortable. We also has an avid smoker, who to avoid walking a kilometre till the lift, and then going three floors down and then crossing the road, decided to clamber onto a chair, then to an old abandoned cooler, then onto to a ledge from where she would hang on for dear life and smoke through a crack in the glass. Her newly-wed hubby was most certainly not amused by her dedication. 
On a different note though, I fail to understand how people are not and can not be honest with their work. There was another legal team there auditing the same documents as us and they finished their work in 2 days while we took 2 weeks. Being time-efficient is one thing, but missing out on key documents in order to finish your targets is a completely different thing. Some of you may laugh and say we were slow but we'r also thorough, which is the entire essence of an audit/ DD. How can anyone be dishonest with their work?


as usual it makes for awesome read and its good to know that even Delhi has not created a dent in our friends enthusiasm:) tell her that it shall be the end of her one of these days...

Hey Pooja...so finally you have delurked and commented. Much obliged :)

I shall definitely pass on your comment to our friend. Btw what about you? Or have you quit?

Sounds like quite an adventure! I was just thinking about you a couple of days ago... and then there was our note at Raven's Nest. Hope if your schedule eases up that you'll consider rejoining the Wordzzle Challenge. I enjoyed your stories.

I m so glad to c a post from u after a long time. :) Its so sweet of u to give an update on ur life. and i wont b nice to u....but i really missed u a lot babe! *Hugs*

Lol!! And everytime I watch Monkey Business on Nat Geo I tell myself that's soo not true.

And bravo, your smoking gun of a colleague sure has the will :D

WOW look who's back indeedz! :)

I did miss ya ofcourse! I just thought u might be very busy so I let u come bak on ur own. Im glad ur bak SMM!

**As for the loos, as time grew short, we just tied hankies around our noses, held our breath and used the loos there.

r ya kidding me!!!!


Yes I did miss you :-)

Yes, I missed you. Happy? ;p

i like the title btw. :D

Raven, I'm hoping to be back soon on Wordzzle. I miss doing it :)

Hey thanks Ria :)

J, I have the videos to show she has the will :P

Where there's a will, there is a way I guess

Keshi, trsut me I'm not kidding. We actually told out client that we were losing about an hour a day cuz we had to step out of the office to go use the loo

Lostonthestreet, thanks :)

Roop, welcome to my blog and yes I am happy now :P

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Glad to have helped you :)

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