Right or Wrong?

Posted by SMM on 17:52
A few of us were today called upon to comment on a colleague in office and whether or not we ought to retain him. We are all of the opinion that he is certainly not an asset and has in fact caused tremendous loss to us as a firm - monetary & goodwill. This person also has a wife and a son. 

When asked about his contribution to the firm today by the top boss, I made a frank statement that as a person he is very well-liked, but as a professional he is very severely lacking and compared him to his counterparts in the other offices. We have had alot of problems/chaos professionally because of lack of action on his part. The others agreed with what I said but  we all felt that he ought to be given another chance. The top boss has agreed to give him a month to pull up his socks and no more.
When we came out, the others told me that I should not have said what I said - that he has been around for 3 years and has a family to look after. I stand by what I say. I like him as a person, but as a professional he is lacking and we have all faced embarrassing situations because of him. I cannot sit back and not give my opinion when asked for a frank opinion, but just because he is a family man should I have stayed silent? If he loses his job today, the others say it will be because of me. I don't think I did anything wrong - did I?


nope - you didn't do anything wrong.
It's great to be honest - especially when called upon for it.

But then you must be strong to handle the brickbats that follow.

At least you said what you had to say in front of others... not behind the back as is the prevalent modus operandi.

me is proud of you

No,you didnt. And this atleast gives him a chance to pull his socks up . What if he messed up really badly and been fired right on the spot.. Good going SMM

Nope,u correct.
He did what he had to do and u did what u were asked to do.

I guess no ones wrong only the situation is "dire"

As far as Insider regulations is concerned, is it ergarding the Indian stock market or some other stock market.
Do check out websites of SEBI, BSE and NSE.

Thanks Arjun...makes me feel better :)

Anu, the boss was almost going to do that but we convinced him to give the guy another chance. I really hopes he pulls up his socks now

Hey Tarun...thanks for the vote of confidence. I have this habit of calling a spade a spade - sometimes its good sometimes its not.

As for the insider regulations, I'v been studying the SEBI regulations and SAT orders so far. We'r basically trying to establish that there has been insider trading in one transaction

For that u need to dive into transaction detials either from SEBI or the company concerned.

@ Tarun

Diving in - Dude I'm drowning in them

You did the right thing. Absolutely. A spade's a spade and nothing else. Am glad you also have the conviction to stand by it. Attagirl.

Right or Wrong?
Idk...what i do get is..that your boss is pretty cool.
Maybe being the "top" boss he doesnt know much about the person concerned but he has the good sense to ask folks who do.
Thats a pretty neat boss. Is he?

aah tough call that!

Does the guy in question know all this is happening very seriously??

Would u be able to talk to him directly face to face and explain to him that this is his chance, he should prove himself now!

wow that s stuff, no i don t think u did something wrong, the only u should have say in my opinion is talked about it with ur colleagues cz if he get fired people can tell him it s because and some other people might not talk to u anymore because they ll be afraid to get fired cz of u if ur boss ask ur opinion again, some people can react stupidly! Lets hope it will work his ass during the next month!

Hey Chandni, he has been informed about it now so let's just wait and see what's happening. I wouldn't wish for him to go

Hey Cess, I hope we on't be called upon again to pass judgment on a colleague's work unless that person had seriously goofed up enough and more number of times so as to make it necessary. And none of my existing colleagues are like that thankfully. hey now understand why I said what I said and that it was important to me

Of course you did the right thing.

Hey Shail, thanks for the vote of confidence

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