Sulabh Shauchalaya Zindabad

Posted by SMM on 18:43
Hey people!!!
I'v not been around for a while. Have been at client site doing a DD for the past couple of weeks now. Would you believe it that the data room we have been provided has 3 plug points of which only 1 works, so we carry an extension cord everyday since there are four of us working there. We had to ask for water on our first day, so they provided us with 2 small bisleri bottles, which  we soon finished off. When we asked for it to be refilled, the water looked and tasted weird so I am convinced that  it is tap water. So now we also buy 2 bottles before going in. Apart from that the loo is so filthy that we refuse to use it. We use the Sulabh Shauchalaya across the road and pay 2 bucks per head every time we need to pee. People Sulabh Shuachalayas are pretty well-maintained and I'm talking about one which is behind Janpath and has pretty heavy traffic everyday. So if any of you have offices in and around CP/ Janpath, let me know - would love to meet up for a quick lunch cuz you see they haven't asked us for lunch yet.
We'r just going to send all the bills to the client, including the ones for Sulabh Shauchalaya :P


supppppppp! u r working urself too hard obviously cos u are so excited about sulabh shauchalaya! plssssssss see i have been churning out posts by the dozen thanks to my invalid status . plsssss write nice long cheerful post. muah!

Hahahaha!! Ooohh expense claims! Bill to client! Lovely! Have fun! And hope you ate some super expensive and fabulously delicious food!

ok. somebody's working hard these days. Its been long since i saw u around. Do drop by my blog when u hav the time babe!

ewwwwwwwwwwwww what crazy clients??

and then u have to be all the way in CP so I can NEVER see you


LOL!! That was a good one.

hey there's something waiting for u on my blog. So do drop by.

Lol! Let me guess the client's are into cost cutting? Anyways, advocates/lawyers zindabad ;)

Utopia, How are you now? Btw churned out a somewhat cheerful post now :)

You better like it and guess who's the avid smoker

Hey siropdevanille, Welcome to my blog. We would hve loved to eat super expensive and fabulously delicious food, unfortunately it was not be . We just didn't have the time to step out and the one decent place close to where we were working had sad bad food and haughty waiters. Did have a good loo though :P

Hey Ria, thanks for the lovely comments on your blog :)

Btw read the follow-up to this post now

Chandni, the client was not crazy. The client was happily sitting in Bombay while he laughed his head off on hearing our tales and said that our requests for extension had the funniest and most innovative reasons he had ever heard and then barked at us to finish it asap

Hey thanks Pallavi...will be dropping by at your blog soon

J, dude your back. Where were you? Btw this was not at client site. We were working in the data room provided which is where we had all these horrifying tales

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