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Posted by SMM on 17:30
Hey folks. Been a while. Blame it on work. We poor over-worked, impoverished lawyers.
So Mumbai Diva has tagged me...I have to assign the importance of each of the numbers from 1 - 10.
1 - The class when I started reading - from Noddy to 7'o Clock tales - I devoured them all.
2 - The number of years that Arjun and me have been married (well almost 2 - we complete 2 years this month). Also the number of children I want.
3 - The number of years that I have been out of college and on my own in this big bad world
4 - The number of my closest friends whom I can tell anything and everything
5 - The number of years I spent in Pune and of which I have very fond memories
6 - The month of my birthday :D
7 - The number of years since I have left home
8 - The number of kilos I aim on losing
9 - My date of birth (Yes I am obsessed about my birthday - Kya karen? Comes only once a year :P )
10 - The plots I have in my brain for my books :P
Okie this was fun...I tag Arjun, Utopia, Lostie, Ria and Rachita to do it. And anyone else who wants do it. Do it and ping me. I'l come and check out your countdown too.


goodness. I am so proud of all of you for finishing it so fast. I sat on this one for around 3

And great to know more about you:)

I have 3 plot ideas for my book;)

Hey Mumbai Diva...thankuuuuu. This was fun. Thanks for tagging me :)

yes we poor overworked, underpaid lawyers and hence the not having found time to post hahah! shall do so soonest. :D!

So you were born on the 9th of June. *the genius in me*

And advance anniversary wishes.

tag completed!!!

Congratulations on 2 years!!! I don't have any plot ideas for books but I do have ideas for blog posts...

wow!tht sounds like an interesting tag. Will take it up soon babe!! :)

And good to know about u hun!

Hey babe!tag completed. Check it out.

ohh this is so well done....This tag has been in my draft folder for a while...i can't seem to find a no. 9 :).
enjoyed reading about the numbers in your life

Its a cool number tag...I liked it and I like how Ria did it too.



Oh well Abby...that's one thing I never have. i just write my log as and when the mood strikes and whatever catches my fancy :)

Hey Ria...commented on your post :)

Hey 'A'...this tag has been fun and yes it did take alot of thinking to get around to doing it. That's why I cheated (2 references to my birthday :P)

Hey thanks Keshi...this was fun :)

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