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Well first things first....thanks all of you who wished us and boo to those who didn't :P
We had a great time a Kasauli as you can see from our snaps. We stayed in a cottage in a resort called Baikunth.

That's my other half posing on the overhanging porch outside our cottage. You can see a part of the cottage on the left. We had this lovely window seat in the cottage with a huge glass window so you could read and look outside in the mountains and contemplate as well. I'v told Arjun that when we buy our own house, I want a window seat like that too. 
That's yours truly shivering away in the late evening breeze in the lovely garden. They had a lovely garden with garden swings, wrought iron and jute garden furniture with canopies. We  did plan on dining out every night, except for the fact that I forgot to carry a jacket, and the true blue Bong that I am, I would start shivering at the slightest breeze. We did manage to have drinks outside though one night :)
That's me posing on a lovely sunny morning in our porch.You can see the mountains and trees in the background. This was before our Kerala massage. The resort had a Kerala massage facility, so both of us got a body massage done. That was really really great. Ideal anniversary - eat, sleep, get a massage done, watch the IPL matches, spend quality time with each other, go for a hike, lots of photo-ops for my shutterbug hubby,and reading time for me. Added plus point for Arjun was that since we not staying in the main Kasauli town, I did no shopping and the gift shop at the resort was only discovered on the last day and it was closed.
These Raybans were Arjun's anniversary gift. I  got them made for his power. The guy was thrilled with his first ever shades (He would use the money to buy another lens/ camera stuff) and getting sunglasses custom-made are well....always secondary to his camera. This now demands the story of how he became a bakra. These were a total surprise for him and he had no idea whatsoever that I had ordered these for him and had asked them to be delivered at his parent's place. Friday night his parents came over to meet us before we left and my MIL gave me the Rayban box in front of him. This guy huffed and puffed cuz he thought I went and bought myself a sunglasses and didn't get him anything and slunk off to a corner with beer in hand to sulk. he even refused to see them. My FIL tried them on and said in a totally surprised tone "Are, these are power wale sunglasses, but they'r not my power." My MIL said they'r too big for her face. Then I tried them on as well and said they were not my power. By the end of all this drama, Arjun figured out they were for him and well...the glee on his face said it all.
That's the lovely couple taking a breather during their hike.
That is the one and only desert I had in our 4 days there. Hey, I have to have something mitha on my 2nd anniversary.

That is Kasauli at night.
There were wind-chimes hung up in all unlikely places and we could hear them tinkling every time the wind blew but we couldn't however see them, except for this one we spotted on a tree.
And that is my favourite photographer caught in action :) 
Pictures: Courtesy Arjun Mahajan. These are his copyrighted images and any unauthorized usage will not be taken lightly. 
Now about IPL. Down with SRK. He makes Dada a judge on some stupid cheerleaders and the strips him off his captaincy. Use saari Bangaliyon ke gaaliyan padengi. uski saari movies flop karenge. (Btw where are the selected cheerleaders? I have only seen the blonde babes dancing).

Oh and do check out the Fake IPL Player. Don't know who he is and if he actually is who he claims to be, i.e., a fake IPL player, but he sure is bringing us his aankhon dekha masala gossip straight from South Africa.


Welcome back SMM!

Kasauli looks nice,especially at night.

Oh I think I read somewhere that KKR are considering removing K,the beginning wala K.lol. So it would be just Knight Riders because SRK is tired of the gaga over dada and the huge population of Kolkata.

Congrats!! Was not online regularly so couldnot wish you on time :-)
Just on teeny weeny morsel of cake on ur anniversary?? tsk tsk

god bless both of u!!u guys look so good together. :) And the pics are awesome!!

Arjun is really good at photography!! I knw u knw tht already. :P

And hey welcome back babe!

pretty pretty! saw them on facebook earlier. :-)

Thanks Tanuj :)

Yes even I read about the 'Kolkata' part being removed from KKR...well SRK will probably get booed out of Cal after tht. I hope it does happen. he's getting too big for his own boots.

Thanks Lostie :)

I'm a complete chocolholic...put on the extra ks with all this chocolate I had been eating. Trying to cut down now which is why just tht one teensy-weensy bit of cake is what I had. And Arjun also hardly has a sweet tooth so does not make sense to get a big piece

Thanks Ria. I'l tell Arjun you complimented him. He's always happy to receive a compliment from a pretty lady :)

Hey Utopia...I don't recall seeing your comments there though. Anyway main thing is that you'v seen them. How are you doing?

Thanks for the Compliment Ria!!
Appreciate it.... I hope you'll be there to buy my pics when I put'em up for sale.. :-)

Wow! beautiful pics of an amazing couple. What a way to spend the 2nd anniv. Congrats once again. And lovely pics of Kasauli. Didn't the windchimes stuff psyche you out a bit? Like something near a Krishna Cottage ;-)? And the Rayban anecdote was so sweet! I love surprises :-)

Nice pics. Looks like you had a lovely time there.

And a new template, pretty neat, although it took me a while to figure out where the comment box was :p

Congrats on ur anniv.
Nice gift for Arjun!
BTW this was one template that i really liked too when i was browsing for a friend.
Takes a few minutes to find out where comments are as the tab on top misguides :)

First of all.. Anniversary wishes.. hope u guys have a lot more, and second nice template..dazzled me a bit. Finally those pics are great.. wish I was in Kerala too :)

Hey Pallavi...thanks so much. The windchimes didn't really spook us. It was quite nice and friendly. We just kept looking for them cuz they were so well hidden.

Hey thanks J...btw your not the only who took some time to figure out the comments box. Any suggestions on how I can remedy that?

Hey Preeti...thank you so much for your wishes.

Any suggestions on how to remedy the comments issue? A couple of others have also said that.

Hey Anu...howz the little one?

Thanks so much for the wishes. Btw these pics are form Kasauli, not Kerala.

SMM,you can either remove the comments subscription thing on the top altogether or you can let it be hence forth the confusion would remain.

great pics WOW!


Tanuj, let me see if I can change the Comments tab but the template is such there would be a tab so I'm wondering what to put there then since I don't want to leave it blank

Thanks Keshi. It is a beautiful place :)

No.I think it can be left blank.Lemme test it.

Yeah SMM,just like you added the MY JOB thing on top,just remove the comments thing and it would go away without it being left blank.

Tanuj...I'l ask my bro to do it cuz he's the one who changed the template for me. I'm pretty much clueless when it comes to all this.

I'll do it if you want.By tomorrow night though.

The code to remove won't paste here.useless blogger!

No problem Tanuj I'v asked my brother to do i. He'l do it when he gets the time :)

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