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Ths is dedicated to all my loyal blogger pals ( Wish I could say that I also had a few fans) who still bother to drop by and check up on me. Hey guys...I'm still alive and kicking. Just not been writing. This hiatus was not an intentional one - just that everyday something came up, and I'd say "Oh!!! I have afew minutes...I'l comment on this blog and that blog" and then due to paucity of time, I'd miss out on penning a few lines in my own blog. Or I'd read some wonderful posts like this one by Chandni or this by Mumbai Diva or this by Dee or this by Miss M or this by Ria or this by Mad Momma or this by Monica or this by Lostie or this by D or this by Indian Homemaker, and then I wonder what could I write that you guys would still come read me.
I haven't been upto much off late though I did make a long overdue flying visit to Bombay from where a busload of us drove down from Bombay to Mahabaleshwar. The drive was wonderful and we (three of us who went from Delhi and have all studied in Pune) hogged on  sabudana kichdi/ wada, poha, upma, vada pao & dabelis. We drove through clouds too at one point.
Here are a few pics from the journey taken from my very basic 'point & shoot' digicam.
This is the three of us who went from the Delhi office.
We partied all night and totally let our hair down & took the first bus back from Mahabaleshwar to aamchi Mumbai to take the late evening flight back to saddi Dilli. We drove through Pune too at one point and the whole bus (which was a whole bunch of people who had studied in Pune) was trying to coax the boss that we had to stop and pitch tent there. The whole time that we were in Mahabaleshwar, it rained ad it poured & we were constantly wet & cold, but it was good fun. A great impromptu trip.
The same weekend that i had gone to Bombay & Mahabaleshwar, Arjun had gone to Hyderabad on work and satyed back there for a couple of days to spend time with his best friend - Johnnie (who makes the best biryani ever). He had a great time with his friends & I had a great time with my friends. He also got me back pearls & glass bangles from the city of the Nizam.
And after the fun times, we'r now gettuing our house painted & some minor renovations & all done. It started last Sunday & we'r hoping that it will be done by this weekend. i'm also due for some minor surgery tomorrow.
And at work, i'v been banging my head against the proverbial brick wall.
I also got loads of chocolates yesterday from my lovely bro in Chennai and a very close friend, who's also my rakhi brother.
Yup so I'v been busy. Btw, all those who'v managed to read till here, I have a question?
If you had a million dollars & could live off the interest for the rest of your life, what would you do? Would you give up working? Join an NGO? Travel the rest of your life? Live your dream?


that was a nice summary...i like going to mapro farms there...not so much for the tast of their sandwiches...but its fun seeing so many of them being made right in front of you...its a nice visual treat :)

hey thanks a lot for quoting my post. :) U know that post is really close to my heart.

So good to c u back with a rocking post. I told u already that the pics are awesome. :) The only sad thing's that we cudnt catch up. Never mind we will sometime soon. Right! :)

Looks like it was awesome weather there!

nice to see you back.....
with a million dollars....i'd run away and never be found...I'd still work.. to multiply that million to 10 million!!

hey, thanks for mentioning my post.

I've heard mahabaleshwar is awesome in the rains. haven't been there myself.

keep writing.

:) tell em abt the time we met :P

and of course im ur rakhi bro. aren't all bros rakhi bros too? or am i missing something here?

and guys, SMM is my fav sis ever :)... u wont get any sis cooler or nicer or hepper than her :)

@ sanely insane

I have been to Mapro earlier, but I had a terrible experience with their strawberry shake.Never had it after tht one time :P


My honour tht you let me link up your post and I know its very close to your heart.Its very apparent from the very words.

And next time I'm in Bombay, I'l come with some more ime in hand so that I can meet you & we'l go shopping for shoes :)

@ FC

Welcome to my blog and thnx for commenting.

It is wonderful weather in Mahabaleshwar at this time of the year.Umbrellas & a light jacket are a must cuz it does get quite chilly

@ Arjun

You see me everyday :P

If you had a million dollars, I'd immediately hand in my resignation letter :P

@ Mumbai Diva

Its my honour tht you let me link it :)

You shouold go to mahabaleshwar sometime during the monsoons or if you can' go till thr, at least to Lonavala.Its an awesome drive on the Expressway

@ Aditya

Your right..our first meeting is a post in itself.

Btw your no missing anything here.We'r related by blood & friendship, while I tie a rakhi to the other guy so he's my 'rakhi brother' as opposed to family :)

Oh n thanks for saygn I'm the coolest sis ever.Love ya :)

You are back you are back! :D
Was wondering where you had vanished to!

Beautiful pics babe.

And "sabudana kichdi/ wada, poha, upma, vada pao & dabelis..awwww you're making me sad! :( I miss all that. Especially vadapav and dabeli! Sigh. Btw, did you try strawberries and cream at Mahabaleshwar?

Also, ummm.. which one of the three gorgeous ladies is you? :S

And finally, I am humbled by the fact that you mentioned my post. Thank you. :)

You came to Mumbai,and you left without even letting us know?Tsk Tsk not done!!!
You guys come from team offsites all the way to Mumbai? I must say recession has not hit the lawyers,very suspicious indeed.

awww how did i miss this post :(

thanks for linking me up

and if i had that kind of money i would travel the world and make my dream come true....

Wow! That must have been fun!

And thanks for appreciating my post :)

What a difficult question you've thrown!! I don't know...what will I do? Give half of it to hubby and tell him to quit his job so we can holiday the rest of our lives. Just that, with the given property prices et al, even a Million dollars isn't comforting enough!!
Btw, glad to see u had a GREAT time partying :-)

Oh i wold quit my job immediately. And travel. Definitely travel. Buy stuff too...books, clothes, shoes the list is endless. What would you do?

At long last.
What would I do? I would buy all the shoes and bags I could and live on chewing gum for the rest of my life. ;)

Seriously. I would give up pretending to work and be a lady of leisure. With some effort to India Helps of course.

@ Miss M

Thanks for letting me link it :)

I hadn't really intended to vanish - just too tired after dealing with life I guess (PPhilosophical :p)...and yeah we totally hogged in Mahabalwshwar.I'v had strawberries n cream ealier.This wasn't strawberry season.Besides we didn't even get to spoend 24 hours there so we jjust didn't have time.

And among the three, I'm the one in the middle :)

@ Lostie

I'd have got in touch if I was in Bombay for sometime.Was there for hardly 24 hours.Next time I'v decided I'm going to go with more time in hand n meet all you folks :)

As for team offsite, we Delhi ppl tagged onto the Mumbai office thing cuz we love Mahabaleshwar at this time of the year.Btw what recession in litigation are we talking abt :P

@ Hobo
What about it?

@ Monika

Thanks for letting me link up :)

Travelling the world does seem to be a popular dream indeed :)

@ D

Oh yes it was super fun.And your welcome :)

@ Pallavi

Tht's true...a milliojn dollars really doesn't seem much when you think about it practically, especially if you put hqlf of it away :P

And you saw the pics on FB.We had a superb time.We lawyers sure knw how to party :P

@ Ron

Similar list I guess....books, travel, clothes, camera stuff for Arjun, study some more and get a few more letters behind my name. A permananent vacation is boring if you actually think of it

@ Ron

Similar list I guess....books, travel, clothes, camera stuff for Arjun, study some more and get a few more letters behind my name. A permananent vacation is boring if you actually think of it


Lady of lesiure....hmm sounds nice.But wouldn't it get boring after sometime?

Bags and shoes...me totally likes.I'd be your new best friend.Btw my shoes size is 39 :P


Where did my comment go??

Anyway to rephrase (not accurately though), its nice to have some time away.. The pics are wonderful and thank you for mentioning me here :)

I think I got it all right :D

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