World War V

Posted by SMM on 15:30
That's because WW III and WW IV are over and done with today - and that is the good news.
Ever just felt like simply screaming and letting out whatever is inside you head.
Ever felt like just curling up in your blanket to shut out the world like an ostritch hiding its head in the sand.
Ever felt like simply chucking up everything and walking away - damn all obligations & responsibilties to hell.
Ever felt its one of those days when everything is gloomy and the sun will never shine again (metaphorically speaking).
Ever felt that its one of those days when even banging your head against the wall won't make a difference.
Ever felt that its one of those days when the moment you open your mouth you know that World war V will start.
Ever felt like borrowing harry Potter's Invisibility Cloak just so that your the nly person in your world for that day.
Ever felt like your the target at the end of a firing squad.
Ever felt like saying that even chocolate won't help today.
Yes, its one of those days today.


In my world, this is called PMS. 'Pre' and 'post'!

But on a serious note, everything alright babe? Take care k!

Yes, Yes - It happens.
When we had a dream Or we are lazy atleast in my case.

oops tight hugs will those help???

and in my part of the world too its called PMS

take care girl

Hmm...somebody is in a bad mood!!Take care hun, hope this helps. *warm hugs*

Hopefully the weekend will be more fun?

Something upset you? Some days are bad. Hope you feel good soon...

Ki, World War V ekhono cholche na ki?

was it that bad? happens to me eevry once in a while. :-(

The perfect Chiquitita day!

Oh no! I hate those days when even chocolate won't work.

@ Miss M

Oh this wasn't PMS babe - it as the whole world consipring against me

@ Hobo

his was neither a dream nor was I lawzy...it was a conspiracy

@ Monika

Thanks Mon...hugs to you too :)

@ Ria

Thanks Ria...hugs to you to :)

@ asaan

Oh the weeknd was fun.Retail therapy always helps :P


It just seems to be ging frm bad to worse frankly though I'm trying now to let it get me , cuz if it does and I get really mad, then I might just end up saying stuff which I don't really want cuz it will damage certain relations

@ Miss M

Aar bolo na...cholche though ekhon ceasfire declare kora hoyeche

@ Utopia

Ya it was quite bad day babe :(

@ How Do We Know

Hey thanks for dropping by and commenting here and a warm welcome to you too.

What's a chiquititta day? I knw tht word only from tht Abba song "Chiqquititta tell me what's wrong'

@ D

Yup those days totally are the pits, aren't they?

Absolutely feel the same today and glad to have company! Hey,I'm beginning to feel like Pollyanna!! True, sometimes even chocolate and shopping don't help. Maybe you just need a break. A weekend off, or something to whisk you away from the maddening crowds.

On a lighter note, Miss M's answer seemed the most logical ;-)

Haha. Well as long as you are past it! :)

Anyways, bor kemon aache ekhon? Doing better now?

Aar taratari kichu notun post koro!
(After you are done taking care of the hubby ofcourse.)

@ Miss M

He's much better now...just published a post before I read your commment. Go read and comment :P

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