Succesful Weekend Bachao Aandolan

Posted by SMM on 00:24
Thursday almost felt like the last day of school before it shut for the month-long summer vacations....or in  our case a loooong 3 day weekend.That's an unheard concept in our office. We scurried around like mice trying to finish stuff before the weekend and to ensure we didn't need to come in on any of the days.I did end up carrying work home though, but I prefer to working from home rather than going in on a weekend to office. Major 'Weekend Bachao Aandolan' happened at work on  all our ends.
Friday the 14th was the first day of our  'vacation'. I lolled around in bed till late, then dropped Arjun off at the mall to get tickets for an afternoon show and went to the dentist to get my stitches removed. Stitches removed (Yipppeeee) and I was also assured that the other wisdom tooth did not need to come out asap and to wait until there is some sign of toruble (Read: Pain).Phew!!!! I was torturting myself (and consequently Arjun) with thoguhtds of another week of semi-solid food.
Then an afternoon show of Kaminey, some shopping ( a very pretty white shirt for work and a strappy blue top). Then off for the opening of a friend's exhibition (photography) where I was strictly warned not to say anything beyond 'Oh very pretty/nice'. You see I'm not one who understands too much of artistic adaayein etc. and I never get the 'The white depicts good & black depicts the darkness and evil' kind of dialogues and end up making some very stupid  remarks (Oh well, I'v had some of my wisdom extracted. Now what do you expect me to understand with only half my wisdom still with me. I pick and choose what to use the wisdom on :P)
Oh and go watch Kaminey....Dhan ta da :P
Solid phaataphaati movie guru...we Bongs are mad, but we still rock :P


Taayi na ki? Solid phataphati bujhi?
Tahole toh dekhte ee hobe! :)

Oh and about the art thing... even I don't understand all that 'art lingo'. The only thing I can come up with is, "Hmmm. Nice. Looks interesting." No clue what else to say!

Dekhte to hobe eta...khub mojar boi.Fultoo paisa vasool :)

And yeah I also end up making the same inane remarks.I totally admire those who can walk the talk :P

the movie is nice? u sure? then why are all reviews saying it isnt?!

well i thought it waf a maft fillum!! ... but after 3 dayff of fun and fleep... thiff working iff driving me nutfff

damn right abt crazy bongs :P

we rock :D

hope ur remaining wisdom stays put :)

Someone told me the movie is 'fimply fuperb'! LOL. Yet to watch it!

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