I Don't Hate....I Intensely Dislike

Posted by SMM on 17:38
I intensely dislike the following kind of people:

  • Those who are constantly whining about their life, their boyfriend, their boss, their job - basically, just about anything
  • Those who are unfamiliar with basic etiquette like saying 'Good Morning' or giving an acknowledging smile
  • Those who permanently have their face grumpy and can't be bothered to smile
  • Those who try to avoid work by pretending they are extremely busy doing the nth final correction of 'an oh so important' matter' which is not eve going to be filed for a month at least
  • Those who suck up to people
  • Those who feel good by having such leeches around
  • Those who state that they are the only ones who know everything and the rest of us are all fools and got our degrees by paying money or sleeping around, or try to insinuate so
  • Those who try to fob off their own work
  • Those who will hog when you treat, but ask them to go dutch and they immediately say they are not hungry
  • Those who say they are dieting but immediately come and eat half my chocolate the moment they see it
  • Those who tell us what the office decorum permits and what it does not, while blatantly flouting it themselves
  • Those who keep disappearing for fictitious meetings
  • Those who can't take responsibility for their own work


Those who suck up to people

Did I mention that someone I know who does just that is gonna get it big time soon.

Although I doubt if that would change anything.

tht was an awesomely rocking post gurl!!and i completely agree with all the points stated. I too intensely dislike such ppl...such losers man!

Ya and the funny thing is (or maybe the muse) is one of my colleagues who encompasses all of this & more in herself :P

And welcome J & Ria :)

u have reallly elucidated ur dislikes suppppppppp!
i quite agree with ya on ppl who suck up to other ppl.

I so agree with ur entire list SMM! LOVED IT.

**Those who permanently have their face grumpy and can't be bothered to smile

I so DISLIKE grumpy ppl OMG!


one more to add to ur list:

**those who always mock others..


Me too!!

I hate whiners and I hate those more who give them sympathy each and every time!!!

LOL at chocolate being eaten by those who diet. :)

the entire list is cool...i agree with them all..

mostly i dislike people who hate music..

and people who never care to smile at the least..



Hey Solitaire & Hemanth...welcum to my blog :)

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