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I'm bored....the courts are closed.Work pressure is definitely light. And the worst of all is sitting cooped up in office all day. How do people do it? Longing for the courts to reopen. Trying hard to get myself to read up the latest caselaws - but just not in the mood.

Anyway had a welcome change this weekend with a family wedding. my mom was also down to attend the wedding and we had a great time together. Her side of the family is huuuuuge since my grandfather was a part of 9 brothers and 4 sisters and their respective offspring. And the funny thing was that all the 9 brothers were N.K. Sanyal, of which again 7 were professors. Anyway a good thing was that I met some cousins for the first time, or maybe after ages (like 10-12 years), and also various sundry.

My mother was once telling me about this one incident when all the brothers were together and she received a phone call asking to talk to Shri (Mister) N.K. Sanyal so she politely informed the caller that there were 9 of them in the room at that point so the caller would have to specify which one. So the caller said he wanted to talk to Professor Saab (Sir), to which she again replied that there were 7 of them who would answer to that description. Finally the caller says the professor who teaches Mathematics, to whcih she replied there were 4 of them. The caller finally narrowed it to Lucknow University and finally my mother called the concerned Shri N. K. Sanyal.

Hoping to catch a movie this weekend...which seems soooo far away right now. Also busy with planning an alumni reunion for my college next weekend. Hope everything goes off well.


heheheh!!!!! thats funny. m sooooooo borrreeddd too. been working on this irritating claim statement since morning and now i jus wanna give it all up and walk out without a second thought.

Walk walk....man ki ichcha ko follow karo. Usi se man ko shanti milti hai :P

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