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Heylooooo....I came across this really interesting game called Wordzzle on Raven's site. The rules of the game are simple. A list of random words are given and we have to weave them together and form a cohesive paragraph. The words for this week are:

Solitaire, pathological, grackles, alternative life style, manifest destiny, polarization, ugly duckling, folding chairs, flibberty-gibbet, hand grenade

So here's my first attempt (Drumroll please):

Rainy Sunny afternoon. Weighty decision to make - Play Solitaire and watch the grackles play outside or study for her upcoming exam and deal with borrrrring topics like manifest destiny and polarization and pathological. Trying to decide, she meandered off to think of the differences between her and her sister. She had been born into a family of flibberty-gibbets. She had followed what her parents called an 'alternate lifestyle', just cuz she didn't want to attend Page 3 parties all her life and then marry some rich brat and produce more rich brats. She was the ugly duckling in a family of beauty pageant winners. When she had decided to study Criminal Psychology, it had been like lobbying a hand grenade into their superficial lives. Oh well, she made her decision, got up from the bed and made her way to the rusty old folding chair which was all that she had been able to afford after her parents had stopped her allowance as a means to get her back to a life of never-ending parties, and sat by the widow to study and watch the grackles.

Okie so whaddya say folks?


Well done and welcome to wordzzles. This is a great job. It is fun, isn't it? I hope you'll go add your name to Mr. Linky on Saturday's post. I don't know how many people check back but I think one or two do and if you visit their wordzzles, almost all of them will pay you a return visit as well. So glad to meet you and hope to see you next Saturday.

Hi there and welcome to the wonderful world of wordzzles! You did a fantastic job, I hope you'll be spurred on to join in every week now? Thanks for dropping by my place and reading mine. :)

Thanks for the encouragement Raven & Akelamalu :)

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