Shame on Them

Posted by SMM on 09:55
I don't know how many of you have managed to catch this new ad for PONDS WHITENING CREAM. It stars Saif Ali Khan, Priyanka Chopra and Neha Dhupia - the first two being pretty big stars who are known all over the world, while the last is a wannabe starlet.

This is a two - part ad where the first part shows Priyanka Chopra all heart broken cuz she was dumped by her guy (Saif Ali Khan), and then she feels even more bad when she sees him walking hand in hand with this fair n pretty young lady (Neha Dhupia) , and that is when our dusky heroine decides to try out 'Ponds Whitening Cream' and become fair.

The second part shows our dusky heroine has now become gori gori (fair) after using the cream and Saif Ali Khan who has been dumped by his fair lady suddenly sees our now very fair heroine and remembers the old times with her and falls in love with her all over again.

I'm wondering how on earth did our three stars agree to do such an ad.

How did Priyanka Chopra who is well known as being a dusky beauty and has represented India at international beauty pageants agree to do such an ad? Fair beauties are very much prized in India while the dusky ones come a far second. By doing such an ad is she putting on display her own inferiority complex? Priyanka is an inspiration to many young girls and their mothers who say ' See, if Priyanka can make it. So can we. We don't need to apply haldi-uptan (turmeric paste) and various fairness creams to become fair and look beautiful.' She being one of the biggest heroines in Bollywood should realize that she is a role model for many. By doing this ad she has completely destroyed her own image. There are still many females in India who are treated bad because of the colour of their skin, and Priyanka has let them all down.

I'm further wondering how did Saif Ali Khan agree to do such an ad where he is shown as such to be such a shallow person - one who dumps a girl because she is dusky, and then falls in love with her all over again cuz she she has now used the whitening cream and become fair.

Don't these two people realize that they are role-models for youth all over and by doing such ads they are letting down all their fans?

Shame on both of them. Is money so important that they are willing to let all their fans down?


i totally agree.
these are the very same people who are apparently seen at NGOs and media events vouching for the emancipation of women.
shame on priyanka chopra.. shame on saif ali khan..
they call 'emselves youth icons and suchlike!!

There they go media attention...while on the other hand they do such ads for money. I'm also wondering why the Mahila Mandal hasn't done anything yet against them. They go about targeting other actors for talking about pre-marital sex, what about something like this as well. Though I bet half of them must be using this cream

OMG thats a sick ad! Some Ad agency made VERY WRONG choices there!


It's an insult to the modern Indian women that they depict in the ad - if a man decides to dump me cuz I'm not fair, he is totally not worth it. Today's Indian woman has moved a long way ahead from what things were 50 years back.

Yuss yuss. they probably are using these fairness creams.after all it's Fair And Lovely with Lycopene :P

I absolutely agree....I think dark s beautiful if not always......Indians are meant to be a bit duskier than the otrs and that's what enhances their beauty!!!

Wonderful blog.....awesome writing and inspiring post....I'll be visiting often!!

Hey Meghna...Wc to my blog and thnx for ur lovely comments. I agree with what you say completely. Indians are meant to be a little dusky. However,
all these fairness cream companies really need to be outlawed. We have had enough of "Fair, beautiful convent educated" girls. The men may themselves be as dark as night but they all want Aishwarya Rai as their wife.

Sure hope to be seeing you around more often Meghna :)

hi there,

i agree with you when you hint that these stars are shallow. but the fact remains that, they are not here for any ngo activity. some shower pretentios empathy, some show zilch respect for their fans.

I was zapped about priyanka agreeing to do a role on teh same podium as neha. im sure, priyanka must have thought of being a NGO like activity, to help the sagging career of Neha. miss india ties are hard to die... you see.

saif ali khan, this guy who flips for any chick he finds sexy... i didnt expect anything better from him.

peep into my blog too


would love to have your comments there.

smiles :-)

Hey Aham...Welcum to my blog :)

Kya pata, maybe PC decided to help Neha's sagging career by playing the lone dark lady to her nymphet who dumps the guy when he breaks her nail. I think she was smarter. easier to dump Saifu than t repair a broken nail :P

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