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My new phone folks...had gone out with Hubby after office to do a recce...ended up buying the phone only. My bank account has suffered a "zor ka jhatka zor se" :P Anyway tomorrow is second saturday - yippppeeeeee - the one saturday I have off in a month. Enjoy your weekend folks.


Drool.. I miss the cell phones in India.. here all I have are crappy network related phones. Have a good weekend

congrats baby! me off too tom. m all heppy heppy hehehe!

whoaaaaa!!nice phone.. heee, ya bank account panicked hmmm??;)

n i dun have an off today :(:(
sooo ya have a fun tyme!! btw, i took up the wordzzle challenge! it was cleannnn fun!

It's a cute phone. Gifted this to my sis few months ago. But hey, nothing can beat my htc tytn II :D

woohoo hot stuff!

I too went shopping on Sat..check out my mad pics LOL!


Anu: Well you have an incentive to get back to India then - for the stylish cell phones here, among others :P

Utopia: Are you happy only cuz your off tomorrow or is it something else :P

Ranravereflect/ Jane: I am now on kangal mode for the rest of this month, or at least till my next pay day. Anyway couldn't do the Wordzzle this Saturday. I'l do it over the week

J: i would have bought an HTC if I knew that i would use all the features - otherwise for me its a waste of money. To show off this phone is just fine :)

Keshi: Mad shoppers united - what say?

Utopia: Btw I'v moved from wanting red stilletoes to red wedges. You have to come help me look for my dream shoes soooon

Hahah.. I so feel you on that. Been a month now and I still find something new about the phone.

I enjoyed my weekend. What did you do?
Sorry cannot comment on the phone. Not top savvy.



Solitaire: Well i had a lazy Saturday morning, then spent the afternoon cooking & cleaning for some guests that night. Snday was movie time - jaane Tu & Hancock.What did you do?

Keshi: Lemme know anytime you want to start the association :)

Hi SMM... first time here...

Nice phone... looks like they have made it a bit sleek too... didnt like those early bulky white ones...

Have a great day, cheers....

mera wala bhi accha hai :P


Aditya: I'v seen your phone...anwyay its purana now :P

hmm congo girl on ur new phone. This was one of the options when i bought my new phone...but i m a hardcore sony ericsson fan so i bought a W580i.

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