Wordzzle Saturday

Posted by SMM on 09:47
The words for this week are follow-up, buffalo wings, silversmith, furniture, as the crow flies, little red roadster, photograph, pencil pusher, argument, streaking.

"Oh well then, if its a sunny day, run along young man. My lovely little red roadster is in the parking lot behind the building."

"Huh? Where do you want me to go and why? I am here to….”

“Hush boy. I haven’t asked you yet why you’re here. Speak only when I command you to. Don’t argue with me. I just can’t abide arguments. Now the keys are there hanging on the peg. Run along now” and she continued stroking her Tabby cat with her gnarled veined fingers.

I decided to humour her this one time. This batty old lady however hadn’t told me where she wanted me to go. Guess she heard me for she then said, “Take a left from the parking lot and then go straight as the crow flies. Stop at the silversmith and pick up a photograph frame for this photograph of mine.”

She showed me the photograph. Wowwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!! What legs!!!!! But……this lady with lovely legs wasssssss “Oh that’s a photo of me streaking outside the White House a protest against the Viet war. Am I not hot?” with a flirtatious grin.

Oh dude was this old has-been trying to now flirt with me. “Young man you still haven’t told me what is that you do?”

“Well nothing exciting. Just an accountant with Buffalo Wings. “Oh so you’re a pencil pusher with one of my favourite food joints. Interesting. Well pick me a plate of spicy wings also on your way back. You must be getting it on the house.”

Huh now she wanted me to spend a hundred bucks getting her a silver photo frame and follow up with a plate of wings. What would she want next ? Shoes made of gold? Gawddddddddd she was hell-bent on making my wallet lighter. Why was I putting up with all this madness?

Same time same place next week folks :)


Where have all the protesters from the Vietnam Era gone? We are in a world of hurt over here because no one seems to care anymore about what we let our government do.

Loved your tale.


I can just about see her bare buns zipping across the White House lawn. Fun read.

I'm glad you continued from last week. I like the older woman with the great legs, she's a bit wacky.

Great story!

You've created a couple of interesting characters here. I look forward to what comes next.

Great Wordzzling! That was lots of fun!

i always like ur wordzzle! its different everytime! :-)

good work SMM!

** Well pick me a plate of spicy wings also on your way back.

hehe Im hungry now!


HEEEEEE :) "what next.. shoes made of gold"
bwahhhhh- good one woman..

go straight as the crom flies- i guess no gprs could give a better off direction ;)

Really interesting characters.. looking forward to your next segment

Richard: Hey sry for the belated response. Well, I don't knw about the US but in India, people have now started sitting up and takng notice of what the Government does.

And thanks. Will stop by at your blog soon.

Jeff B: That's good to hear if you can visualise what I have put in words. Thanks. Will stop by at your blog soon.

Dianne: Yup wacky and nutty and eccentric...that's what I want her to be

Raven: Thanks!!!!

jay: Thanks. Will stop by at your blog soon !!!!

Utopia: I'm having fun too :)

Keshi: We'l have him pick up two plates then :)

Rantravereflect/ Jane: I totally agree. Nothing could be more clear than that. Btw I'm sure if we delve intop the annals of Indian history we'l probably come up with some raja/ maharaja/ emperor/ princess/ empress/ rani who did actually get shoes made of gold

Anu: Thanks !!!

hehehe..SMM,how do you select these'words for the week'?Are they things you observe during the week?:)Nice way to weave a tale around them,definitely!!:)

AmitL: Wordzzle was stared by raven (her link is in my sidebar) where she gives a set of random words every Saturday, and using those words we have to make a coherent paragraph. something like a creative writing exercise. And then we go check out what the others have written.

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