From Worse to Worst

Posted by SMM on 17:49
First we had riots on the grounds of religion - Muslims v/s Hindus, Hindus v/s Sikhs, Hindus v/s Christians. 
Wasn't that enough?  Now we fight on grounds of parochialism also.

Marathi manoos v/s Bihari/ UP Bhaiyas?

Politicians like Raj Thackeray and Mamata Bannerjee are going to take the country to the dogs. In their so-called misplaced parochialism and rights of farmers etc...they end up causing more harm to their own state. What exactly is Raj Thackeray going to achieve by driving out all the non-Marathi maoos  from Bombay?  Will he also be able to drive out the huge number of students studying in Pune & Bombay?  Does he forget that many of the prominent persons of Bombay are not actually Marathis - Ambanis, Shahrukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Alque Padamsee, Prahlad Kakkar, Deepak parekh, Tatas, Birlas, Mafatlals, Wadias etc. Some of them have been born and brought up in Mumbai, but they are not Marathis. An irony of sorts is that Raj Thackeray is being represented by one Mr. Akhilesh Choubey who is a North Indian.

Now I hear Mayawati wants to be the next Prime Minister - she wants to play on her Dalit and woman card. The day Mayawati becomes PM, visiting foreign delegations will have to learn to give 10% commission to her. Reliable sources in her Ministry have told me that Mayawati has siphoned off money to the tune of Rs. 500 crores from the State coffers. Yes, Rupees 500 crores. I didnn't even know that UP made that much money. I can believe 5 crores or even 50 crores? But 500 crores? And I have heard it from someone who knows what he is talking about
and is not shooting in the air.

I say we shoot all our politicians and place an order for a fresh batch. And this time we do it right. We have entrance tests and training for 4 - 5 before we can become a lawyer or an engineer or a doctor or an IAS officer. Hell today even a peon in any reputable firm has to be a graduate. How can half educated, vote bank appeasing politicians ever claim to understand working and running of our country? 

We ought to have some kind of an entrance test and training before one can become a politician. Indian History, the Constitution of India and Economics should be compulsory subjects. And before one can represent any constituency, he ought to be interviewed by the people of that constituency. What say folks?


I dunno what to say coz i m finding this whole thing so disgusting tht i m running short of words. Thats the reason why i hate the politics in India coz there's a total lack of sincerity.....everybody is busy thinking abt himself/herself. Nobody is even remotely bothered abt the state of the country or where is it heading to. I wish what happened in Yuva cud happen in real too!!

Shit like this happens cos of GREED and SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS. Its happening everywhere SMM and its plain disgusting!


Hi SMM - God knows if you’re going to read this comment or not but honestly - if you can tell me to get and ayah for my kids just bcos Im travelling - why dont you hire a private jet so you can be sure you’ll never be disturbed by a ‘nuisance’ of a kid? I never said anything about being too ‘tired’ to look after my own kid - where did you get that idea from? In fact I said Ive gone without food and sleep to make sure we make it through with as less disturbance to others as possible.

FYI - airhostesses can only do so much - like look after your kid in case you have to use the loo or so, not look after your kid everytime your child requires soothing just because her job profile says so. Im sure you paid in full too but part of living in the outside world is understanding there must be a good reason people would pay upwards of 10,000$ to get on a flight and travel thousands of miles and not just so they can subject you to torture.
Like sraikh mentioned above, perfectly well-behaved kids can get cranky for whatever reason and if you happen to be around and if that makes your trip less delightful sorry but tough!

Hey Ria...yup we should all just overthrow the entire system. Our politicians are more interested in making money rather than doing anything for the country actually

Hey Keshi guess politicians are just the same everywhere

yes yes - lets shoot them !!!
but you never let me pack a gun!!
I'm restricted to camera shoooting!!

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