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Waaaah....I think someone has jinxed me for the past couple of months. Nothing seems to be going right at all. I say one thing people take it as something else. I have lost one of my favourite earrings in Cochin. The entire trip to Cochin also seemed to have been jinxed overall. Some friends ditched without informing me nor the bride. She was pissed to say the least especially since arrangements had also been made for them.

Lost my lovely green fountain pen which Arjun had gifted me. Didn't tell him. Sick and tired of telling him what I lost today. Bought a new one yesterday. Well baby now you know why I have not been using that green one for sometime now.

Lost my brand new phone on Thursday. Right outside my house. Yes that brand new one which I bought in July and told you all about it.People send me your numbers please. :(

Seems like small small things. But its all just adding up and I feel like someone has just jinxed me. I think I need to put a kala teeka (black mark) to ward off whosoever has cast his evil eye on me, guess the kajal (kohl) is not helping.
Btw Arjun and me are off to Cal tomorrow to celebrate Durga Puja. Happy Durga Puja everyone. And I shall keep my fingers crossed that nothing untoward happens. 
Please keep your fingers crossed too guys. I can't take losing anything more.


i wish i could cross my fingers for u, but i m not a lucky lady either,so i don t want to increase ur jinxed thingy :D
I just hope it will work better for u.


Awww i can understand wht u r goin thru!and its certainly not small things coz i remember hw i had felt when i lost my mobile....at times i still miss it. :( Dont worry and hav a good time in Kol...i will pray tht nothing goes wrong during ur trip. Happy Durga Puja to u and ur hubby too!

ooooh.. i had those months once... if you listen to my mom's advice, she said to go to a holy place and pray whoever cast the evil eye goes away or if its my way.. just think its a really rough storn before the picture perfect storm.. before your amazing durga pooja holidays, a lil bit of worry..anyway have fun and hope you get another set of pens, a cellphone and pretty "Diamond" earrings

Hey Cess...don;t worry. I'm sure your good wishes will not jinx me any further and my good wishes won't jinx you either. We'l both wish each other well and ope that crosses out the jinx :)

Hey Ria, you know when I finally realized that I had lost my phone I thought of you and how you had felt when you lost your phone. Got a duplicate sim. making do with an old handset for now. can't afford another one right away :(

And thanks for the wishes gurl...you too have a great Navratras. Hope you manage to take some time out and go do the dandia one of the days :)

Anu, been there done that. Hoping Ma Durga will listen to my prayers :)

And tumhare mooh mein ghee shakkar for another set of diamond earrings :D

Hope Arjun reads this part :P

All discussions pertaining to DIAMOND EARRINGS and the like have been filtered out... from Arjuns eyes and ears!!!

Yes, you did
If something like that doesnt evoke emotions then there isnt much that does.

P.s You just lost Tata.(W.B did)

Blase....don't even get me started on Mamata Bannerjee. Mad lady. Neither will she do anything herself nor let anyone else do it. Something good was finally happening in WB and she had to go mess it up with her stupid bandhs and michils.

Arjun....i'l help filter these bits to you :P

Don't worry. You can absolutely depend on me :P


When it rains, it pours. Don't worry. Sunny days will be here soon.

I'll have to go google Durga Puja, but I hope you have a good day. I'm honored that you took time to do a wordzzle this week.

I don't know how you would feel about such a thing, but I recommend that you check out someone called Dennis Puffet. I think he might be able to help.

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