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The words this week are build-a-bear workshop, man bites dog, opulent, disparaging, lipstick stain, preponderance, smoky quartz, clothes pin, meticulous, falling leaves.

For those of you are not aware of this please refer to Raven’s site.

“Wowwww….Grandpa weren’t you one clever dude hiding away behind your newspaper all day.”

She suddenly snatched the pendant back from my hand. “How do I know your really who you say you are and are not one of them?” I noticed that she had a lipstick stain on her sleeve.

“Them? “

“Who them?”

“Them from whom I was to hide it. He told me they would come so I had to keep it safe. He said that he would come get it from me. If he didn’t come his son would come. ”

“I can show you proof that I am Shamsher Singh’s grandson. My grandfather died two months back. While going through his papers we found your name and a very old address of yours.”

I miss my grandfather. He was a tall big built man, very quiet. He liked to shock my grandmother by printing out newspaper headlines like “Man bites Dog” from our old press who would always get taken in by the prank. He was a meticulous man with a preponderance for hiding away in his makeshift lab behind the house puttering away. He was way ahead of his times. He had discovered the electrical qualities of smoky quartz in the 1930s though some German guy won a Nobel for it some 40 years later. He was disparaging of any show of opulence and lived in the simplest manner. He was a great believer of the ‘“Simple Living High Thinking” philosophy. He was very particular about his clothes and his trousers would have a sharp crease running straight down the front leg. Only my grandmother knew the trick to do it with a clothes pin. As a grandpa he was the best. I used to sneak off in the evenings and go scrunching through the fallen leaves in the backyard behind his window since he loved the sound of the crunching. He had even taken me to a build-a-bear workshop onetime in London and we had made a tiger together, which I still have and carry with me today.
“Where have you disappeared young man? Are you trying to make up some story?”

I burst out. “Mam, I don’t know how to convince you that I am Shamsher Singh’s grandson. I can show you photographs. They’r in my bag below in the car. I really need that pendant that you’re playing with so carelessly contains the formula to turn organic waste into fuel. When he met you on that cruise in Egypt he was on the run from some bad guys who wanted it for their own selfish purpose of launching rockets over various countries to get world power and dominion. At that time my grandfather gave it to you to keep the formula safe. We had no idea that he had given it to you. We found him after 2 years of him being on the run and brought him home just on time. He had lost his memory and regained it after about a year but he had completely forgotten about those two years. He had no recollection whatsoever of it. We got to know that he had given it to you only when I came across an old diary of his in a second hand bookshop recently and since then I have been tracing you. I really need that formula Mam.”

“Likely story indeed. Well if your Sam’s grandson stand on your head.”

“Excuse me? Stand on my head? What will that prove?”

“Well since your putting on a show I thought I’ll be entertained some more.”

“Mam, I am not joking neither am I making up any stories. I really need that formula.”

“So that you can sell it and make money?”

There was no way out. I had to do it. I suddenly threw the plate of wings on her, grabbed the pendant and ran out. No way was she going to follow me with her arthritic legs.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha…World domination. Here I come. The money and power are all going to be mine. Obama, McCain whoever’s going to be the next guy in the white House is going to be kissing my feet to get the formula. My grandfather was a good man but very simple. I subscribe to the “High Living No thinking” philosophy. And thanks to Grandpa I can live exactly as per my philosophy.

Heee haaa haaa haa haaa (Evil laughter)

Okie so I’m done with Sam’s story folks. I did take some liberties here and there. Please excuse those bits as writer’s license.

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Very good story writing.
I don't like that young man and am sorry you let him win.
Good writers can upset the reader.
I suppose you know that the link you left takes one to the July story and not here.

Welcome back... just so you know, your Mr. Linky takes us to July.

I've enjoyed this story, though I'm a bit saddened that our hero is motivated by greed and not altruism. Perhaps he'll come back one more time with a change of heart. At least in my mind he will see the error of his ways and use his grandfather's formula for good.

I just loved this bit

“Likely story indeed. Well if your Sam’s grandson stand on your head.”

“Excuse me? Stand on my head? What will that prove?”

“Well since your putting on a show I thought I’ll be entertained some more.”

Great stuff.

Ahhhh the endless struggle of "high living thinking" versus "high living NO thinking"

I am well acquainted with that issue :)

it comes up a lot here in the states.

I especially liked the info you worked in for smoky quartz and clothes pin - very interesting, if true. Heck, even if not true!

How d u work with words this cleverly? U r too good SMM!


Thanks dr. John...and no actually I didn't know tat I posted the wrong link. Thanks for informing me. Will go change it asap

Melli...yup wanted to make it an anti climax

Thanks Raven...no actually I didn't know that I had posted the link until you and Dr. John told me. Will go change it asap.

Raven...there's a saying in Hindi which basically says that world runs on money. As of now I see no change of heart unless...well that depends on the forthcoming words

Thanks Akelamalu :)

Dianne...that issue I guess comes up everywhere. I'm sure even the little green men on Mars have that issue :P

Thanks Chatty...that's why I mentioned the bit about writer's creative license

Thanks Keshi :)

loved it and in the end i have to say i pouted.Its like their relationship moved in a particular sing song, till the run... waiting for the next story

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