I Miss my Girlfriends

Posted by SMM on 16:37
Okay so now that I have your attention....when I say girlfriends, I do not mean the lesbian variety (no offense to them, just that I'm married and Arjun gets a little bit jealous when any other person - male/ female - hits on me), I mean the good ol' fashioned type girlfriends with whom one went shopping, bitched, whacked clothes from, filed & painted each other's nails, cried one one another's shoulders when John Abraham dies in Dhoom, caught the 10 am Sunday morning Harry Potter (with free popcorn) at E-Square in our pajamas, decided what to wear for the party/ hot date that night, the one who mopped my forehead all night when I had a fever and held my hair back when I was puking, the ones who dragged me for a tetanus shot when I cut my toe on some rusty metal on the road and then bought me a chocolate so that I wouldn't cry, the ones whom I screamed at and quoted statistics to when caught with cigarettes in their hand, made solemn pacts of undying friendship, and tears when she told that other girl something which she didn't tell me, the one who old me long ghagra - style skirts look awful on me and I should stick to knee length skirts, the ones who fed me when I was penniless and too scared to ask my mom for money till the 1st of the month, playing antakshari with all night, the one whose mom would send laddoos to Pune specially for me all the way from from Delhi, the ones with whom we drowned our sorrows in shots straight from the vodka bottle at 12 in the afternoon and then called up respective exes and raved and ranted at....ya well I guess you get the gist of it and the kind of girlfriends I am talking about.

All my girlfriends are scattered all over now - one in the US, one in Dubai, one in Cochin, one in Pune, one in Calcutta, one in Hyderabad. I have a couple of girlfriends in Delhi, but it's just next to impossible to match schedules in our hectic lifestyles. One day I get caught in work, and the next time she gets caught up in work.

I miss having a gal pal to hang out with, to go check out the new Italian place, to generally call when I am upset or just need to moan and whine or just like that, when I want to go shopping or just grab a coffee with and talk about CENSORED stuff.

Utopia was here, but even we could get to meet hardly once a month and I never got to meet her only before she left. Sorry babe. The funny thing is Utopia and me go back 14 - 15 years, but we weren't really that friendly until we both landed up at Delhi and met through our blogs. Now we both feel that had it not been for our teenage bias of stereotyping everyone, we could have had such lovely memories of 15 years rather than only one year. I miss our impromptu coffees.

I hate having to call a friend and then ask if its a good time to talk before I say anything else. I hate it that I get only Sundays to catch up with Ruks and we end up missing more Sundays than we do manage to catch up. When I call and I whine about my new blue -green tee getting spoilt in the wash because of a red sock, I want her to know exactly which tee I am talking about and not have her ask 'Which one Sup?'. Ruks, do you remember the times we have had Chicken lollipops and you'd say 'Sup, not again' and how much you scolded me when I didn't want to give one paper in my 3rd year cuz I had blanked out completely or how we would give each other our spare cash to keep so that we didn't end up spending it or our hunt for my silver belt that New Year's eve and our love for chocolate.

I miss the crazy jokes we shared and our crazy lingo Alak. I miss going Yo with Doggie. I swear that on your wedding at least, we three are definitely going to go 'Yo'. Remember that day when we started going 'Yo' on the street outside Cosmos and the rest of the gang looked at us as if they didn't know us. Remember that time when we decided to move to separate rooms cuz we never managed to study and spent a whole day crying, and after you shifted out, you ended up coming back all the time to 'our room'.

Doggie, I miss 'permanently borrowing' your notes year after year and then screaming at you to make your notes in a more legible handwriting, and how every year you'd tell me that you want to keep them cuz you plan on doing your Masters. PK (tunn) we defintely have to go 'Yo' when Alak finally gets married. We missed doing it at my wedding and yours.

Pal & Kas, we have spent more years having a long distance friendship now. Funny isn't it, we started off as three girls in blue skirts and similar chashmas (glasses) which we'd always mix up after we returned from the PT (Physical Training) class. After school, we all landed up in three different cities far far away, but that never lessened our friendship. KasSupPal is still KasSupPal. Pal, now both of us are married. I'm really glad that our hubbies get along, makes it so much easier, but ya we really need to send them out of the house once in a while when we'r over at your place to have our girl talk. Kas, both of us love you and we'l always support you, but we'r still going to tell you welll....let's not get into it again.

Rach, babe your the latest addition to my gal pal gang. Welcome. Hope we get to coordinate our schedules more often.Remember that day at Yo China, when we fished out our respective Advocate ID cards and threatened to take them to to Consumer Forum cuz they served us cold food with ants in it. Yup we asked for Chinese, but we'r really not in the mood for soggy ants.

Ayesha, I live vicariously through you. I love to hear all about your latest antics and give you some gyan :P

Tan, well your just married and setting up home, but wish you'd return my calls. Feels like a one-way friendship now. Maybe it's just that I remind you of days which you'd rather forget.

Yup, done with the moaning and whining for now, but I still want a gal pal to go have chaat with and go shopping with for that perfect red dress for New Year's.


Aww tht was such a sweet dedication....ur friends r surely lucky to hav a friend like u.

this is a very sweet post..... i can imagine what you're going thru!!

awwww! i miss u too supp! i am sorry i haven't been able to catch up online or even call ya up. tis such a frenzy out here in office as we are short staffed. but that is no excuse. shall call ya up soon. promise! muah!
and wow u wrote about me finally :D!

Ria..thanks. It works both ways :)

Arjun....how can you imagine? You also miss your girlfriends?

Utopia...waiting for your call :)

And yes I finally wrote about you :)

yes dear.. i do miss my girlfriends.... albeit I shall refrain from naming them at this forum :-)

when I say girlfriends, I do not mean the lesbian variety

Thanks for clarifying :P

OMG SMM u nailed it with this post! Cos I miss my GFs (offline friends) too...for a very long time now. I hv 3 close friends here...one got married recently and moved ot Queensland - different State. one went overseas to work n live there. The other one went overseas too. Those were my 3 bestest girl pals and the crazy things we used to do together! They r all memories now...

Tho I still keep in touch with em, the phyical distance is a killer...


And HUGS to ya!


I LOVE U SUPS.. TO BITS!!and of course i haven't had the time to tell u that.. busy schedules on weekdays and all the distance on a weekend.. am leaving on 22nd, u better show me ur pretty face before that.. come over this weekend..puhleez.and take that pooja gift i got for u. missssssh u sooo much! and we work 2 kms apart..dammm

Arjun...name name :P

kaahe ka sharam, kaahe ka lajja?

J...it's precisely for people like you that I clarified :P

Keshi...so true, even though we are in touch and we try to meet up as much as possible while passing through each other's cities, but its still not the same as meeting in person and sharing the story of big bad boss's stinky socks over a cup of coffee. Nothing can beat that

Rach...that's exactly what i'm saying. 2 kms apart and yet we haven' managed to meet up in soooooooooooooo long :(


Made me smile actually....what u describe as "girl things" is so so true...

And guess what, blogging has introduced me to som many new girlfriends who're now part of most weekend plans!!!

Don't fret about the lack of girls...find some new ones :)

Hey Chandni...welcome to my blog :)

Blogging has introduced me to a whoel new bunch of gal pals as well...unfortnately none of them seem to e int he same city as me. They'r all from different parts of the country/ world :(

If your in Delhi/ Gurgaon, mujhse dosti karoge?

Pallavi Gu8ha says:

So true--u know, how life changes wen girlfriends stay in separate cities. It's an awful feeling. N wen u do meet , time is too short for all the pending conversation :(

totally girl!
Am in delhi :)

I swear!!!!! What a perfect post. Anyone reading this will want to call up her friends immediately, (well, only to be told, they are travelling on a noisy road, and will be called back later... :-((().

sup...time spent wid u in pune wer the best years of my life..can never frget the paan at midnite near 'OSM'..and gokul..the late nite chats..the jackets v swapped..;)the nimki v shared..the movies v saw at e-sqaure..the secrets v shared..the gossip..being talli one day afternoon mein hi.. n remmbr sup one day wen i was packing my stuff fr home, u painted ur whole leg while talking to me...and i didn realise until later wen i finished packing..cos v wer so busy talkign to eachothr n finally i said....supppp wat hav u done??? and remmbr bunny rabbit ki chai ke dose? and hw v used to tel her to stop it..and ur mock interviews..whc i used to attend n cud never understand wats gng on except fr the fact that i knew ul make it really big one fine day:)..and ur valuable fashion tips...i was so out of date!!! u knw i cud go on n on..and evn aftr all these yrs of not being abl to meet eachothr..r friendship has only grown..im so proud of u sup and so thankful to God that vr friends..cheers to that...infact tummy's up..oooooooopss..i mean bottom's up!!!!

Pal: So true ya...we just have to have to discuss so many things which can't always be discussed on chat, mail or phone. maybe you should shift to Delhi then all three of us will be together :(

Chandni: That's great. I'l drop you a mail then and we'l fix up a coffee :)

Hey Pallavi...so true. These days the first thing I ask after calling is 'Busy? Is this a good time to talk?'

The worst thing is that my mom also asks me the same thing before she wants to discuss something

Hey Alak....I miss you. Dump Dubai. Come back to mera bhara mahan ka capital city na.

Remember how horrified everyone was when we told then we had gone to Gokul for idli and how PJ got scandalized when we went to that pub on FC road at 3 pm and then went shopping for my white shirt while both of us were high :P

So very thoughtful Sups...thanks a lot buddy for posting those wonderful memories, which we will cherish for the rest of our lives..

You are not alone ...you bet...I miss every single moment spent with you and Akshi at LDK and Pune...that was indeed the bestest of our times in life...

but you know what, sometimes i feel that we were still kinda kiddish at that time and probably those 2 years were not really enough ...wish could just steal somemore time from our lives to be together...

It's nice to know a wonderful person like you in life...i have always admired you for your brains, straight forwardness and guts.

I remember those days in LDK hostel when i used to call you a chatter box, that would never stop..forget abt stopping there wasn't even a pause button in you..hahaha...we would get bugged like hell with your endless stories...but you know what ...now i miss them ...

Now that i met you recently at Delhi...felt a change in you...that chatter box has suddenly become quiet...Sups you have always been very lively...stay so for the rest of your life...you look great when u r in high spirits...

God bless and wish our friendhip grows with every single day

Love you always

Doggieeeeee, kaisa hai?

We were certainly kiddish then - after all we were fresh out of school, first time away from home. Today when I sit with you and we talk about work and ghar, in laws, and hubbies, it just seems so funny. I feel like we'r in some play and we'r going to say oh curtains are down. Wonder what we have for diner today in the mess :P

But yeah I don't talk so much now, I still talk but not as much as I used to then. Ab to lagta ha kuch hai hi nhai blne ke liye

ya u r right..there's indeed a difference...earlier you used to talk sense as well as non-sense...hahha (kiddin!!)

but now you have scraped the non-sense part and only talk sense...which is great...

So, on the whole...be it the past, present or future...cheers to our freindship!!

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