Weekend Update

Posted by SMM on 19:49
Just reporting in folks to confirm my presence in the blogworld. It's 7: 45 on a saturday evening and I am still in office. Been in marathon meeting sessions for the past 4 days. Have a deadline of Monday evening to finish the task. I'l be in office on Sunday too. Boo hooo....
Well signing off for now,. You guys have a good weekend.


Poor kiddo...hopefully work eases now the year end is coming up soon.. good to see you back in action

wow, are u pay for extra hours spend in the office?
hope u ll have time to rest to!



Anu: No sign of work easing up this month. With the market in a slump we companies are suing left, right and centre to recover money. Good for me though. I make money :p

But I hate working on Sundays :(

Hey Cess...good to see you here. Sorry I'v just not been able to drop by. My time doesn't seem to be mine these days. Nope no overtime pay for us poor impoverished lawyers. We work for the joy and glory of learning and for the experience. We'r suckers for hard work for little pay :P

Just reading this made me tired. ;) Hope you survive it all!

ty for updating us on ya. It shows u think abt us and truly care abt us.



poor baby.... so hard working.... me.. i'm the hardly working tyoe

Oh!thts bad...and i hope this is jus a phase which comes to an end soon!! Be back soon and take care sweetie.

Hey Brandy: Welcome to my blog...hope I survive too. Keep a lookout. If I post again anytime in the future you know I survived

Hey Keshi: Thanks and you take care gurl. Cry as much as you want and then you emerge stronger since you have cried out all your pain :)

Arjun, maybe I should go away a little more often on Sundays. My coconut shell lamps got put up :P

Hey Ria, hope this is a phase too but there seems to be no end in sight. One matter gets over and another immediately begins

roger that. over and out :P

tnxx so much SMM!



the shoplifting story was much fun :D

Hugs to you tooo Keshi:)

And cheer up. We all have our ups and downs in life

Glad to put a smile on your face Burf :)

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