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Heyloooo people...I'm on top of the world today.
My work burden seems to have come down to a manageable limit now.  The past 2-3 weeks have been absolutingly crrrrazyyyyy. I work better when I have a sword dangling over my head. Its tough to handle an urgent transaction which needs exclusive attention and needed to be completed like yesterday, along with our regular work since I have my court appearances and drafting etc to do.

I'm home alone for this week (Arjun's gone to Germany) so hopping off to my aunt's place for good Bong food and pampering. Girls please get married in a city, where if you don't have your parents, then you have some favourite aunt/ uncle who'l be more than happy to indulge you once in a while :)

Counsel driving me nuts - he wants to do the exact opposite of what client has instructed. It's tough to handle their fragile egos. A few days back I was convincing a very well-known counsel as to why we had a good case but he didn't seem to be to convinced with what I was saying. About an hour later, he turned around and started telling me why we have a very good case because of yadda yadda yadda...which was the exact same grounds which I had been telling him an hour back. And all I could do to keep his ego intact was to say 'Yes Sir, absolutely.'

Another well-known counsel had to settle a document but just couldn't seem to find the time to read the bulky set of documents and neither could he spare us enough time for us to brief him completely. So he takes the draft and makes a mess. Imagine a jumbled ball of threads of 5 different colours. To a colour-blind person  they are all the same colour, but you and me can see the the different colours. Now imagine having to untangle that and then sending it back to him and hoping and praying that he not get offended because of the substantial changes made to the draft settled by him.

Anyway I had set out to prove something to my boss, which I have done so he's really pleased with me and that gives me a high. I was unfortunately getting passed over because I always ended up being in the wrong place at the wrong time - blame my being in court most of time and some bit of office politics as well. I don't do office politics generally, but this time I had to and I did it. If its a choice of You or Me, hey I'l always choose Me. No two ways about that.  I also ended up doing alot of the donkey work and then letting other people take the credit for it. No more of that also. I also refuse to sit in office till late every night just because I want to show the boss I work late. I come in at 9 am and try to leave at 7, but while I'm here I work. I don't while away my entire day and then work late completing the work. I don't mind working late when needed to, but I will not work late only because I want the boss to see that I sit in office till 11 pm every night.And I also will not suck upto anyone to get a raise or a promotion. My work speaks for itself.

Okay I'm done now with my raving and ranting. If you are reading this, then thanks :)


oh we are always reading ur posts :-)! damn now u r saying thanks to all ur loyal readers hahah! i know how that sitting late part is soooooo bugging. didn't have that in my old work place but now i do. hmphhhhh!

Office politics are so much worse than school politics...
Good, you got the best of that 1 on 1.

Hey Utopia...I wanna bunk office one day n go chill in barista n have coffee all day. Aata kya?

Hey Brown Mamba (I just typed in the b at the end in Mamba - I was making you the 'Brown Mama')

Office politics are the worst. earlier I was naive and didn't think twice if someone told me they were busy with other wrk so could I do something for them. Its only now I see what a ride I was taken no and now that I'm making them do their own work, they resent me. Balls to them anyway :)

Aww i jus happy to see u relatively free now. :) And felt good to read ur raving and ranting after a long time. So indulge urself in some gr8 bong food and lots of love....atleast u'll not miss arjun that much. :)

oh i have been there so many times with those lil men and their humongouse egos !!! I hate managers who just want to see you sit inoffice till late night..(I know pals who play solitaire , just whiling away the time- idiots!!)Hope work gets better for u quickly

See the Black Mamba comes to india and becomes the Brown Mamba. But thats another post altogether.

Can relate to that. As a article rookie was very anxious to do work.
Till the point after two months other started unloading their work on me.

Ria: I always miss Arjun whe he is traveling and a week is waaaaaaay too long. otherwise, yes hogging on good Bong food, chatting with my aunt, my cousin, his wife, my uncle who has just retired and gets up at 5 am to make chai for everyone and then gets bugged cuz noone else gets up at 5 am in the chilly mornings these days thankfully i don't take chai in the morning :)

Btw don't be nice to me...too much of raving and ranting and you'l all stop reading. Give me a kick int he butt when you need to :P

Hey Anu, work is defintely better and I also got my point across - basically that I will not sit late just to be in your good books. I don't while away my entire day and then sit late to do the work, however I willl and have sat late when there is work. That is not an issue. But I was getting bugged cuz some ppl would sit late and the boss would think 'Oh they'r working so late.' i think its just inefficient. You are in office for 9-10 hours in any case so we should utilize that time properly.

well Brown Mamba waiting for the post to read how Black mamba became the Brown Mamba :)

But yeah , I think alot of us make that mistake cuz we'r eager to learn. Just a few days back I told another junior not to make the same mistake that did cuz I could see him headed to the same point where I'v come from

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