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Posted by SMM on 10:15
Just a few thoughts/ suggestion off the top of my head from an Indian citizen as regards the current situation and the aftermath:
  • We have a huge percentage of unemployed youth - how about providing them with gainful employment and train them to protect the politicians instead of deploying 1700 NSG for that purpose
  • Why do Priyanka Gandhi & Robert Vadra need to be protected at the expense of the taxpayers? If they feel they need security, let them organise it themselves and pay for it
  • No politician, except the current President and Prime Minister be provided with Z class security. Former Presidents and Prime Ministers can be provided normal security
  • Make all other politicans pay for their security. Let's see how many actually need Z class security after that. 
  • Today any person wearing a black coat and a band can walk into the High Court (Delhi) or Supreme Court without being checked. Why? Bombay High Court also checks advocates
  • A certain fixed amount be spent every year by the police force of each state to upgrade their ammunition etc. and a transparent account be given for it, not one which gets lost in the numerous files of the Government
  • A Company today has to give its Annual Balance Sheet. Why not the Government? How effect is the Indian Audit & Accounting Service really. One corrupt person and the whole system falls apart
  • As citizens we stop giving chai pani to the government babus. They get paid from OUR MONEY, yes the taxpayer's money for doing their job. Why should we pay them anything extra?
  • Stop filling up caste details in any form whatsoever - if I have to get admission in a college, why do you need my caste details. 
  • Reservation in schools, colleges and jobs should be on a financial basis and not caste
  • We desperately need more judges in out courts to handle matters. Judges in lower courts ought to compulsorily hear an x number of matters everyday. Impose heavy costs for adjournment sought without a very valid ground. If ill-health (favourite excuse) is pleaded, let the court send someone to verify it, soon such feeble grounds will not be taken up. Cases can also then be expedited
  • If any elected representative decides to take 'moral responsibility' and resign, let them pay some heavy pecuniary penalty. Moral responsibility taken - very good, we'r proud of you. Now act on it. don't take the coward's way out. There is a reason that they were elected - and no I don't mean their gifts of goats and saris to their votebanks
  • Every  MP/ MLA give an Annual Report of what has been done by them in their constituency and let the same be open to the residents for verification. Any misrepresentation will result in a heavy pecuniary penalty
  • Some statute be enacted to restrict the 'breaking news' repeatedly telecast by our electronic media, especially when an operation is on. Something like this 
  • Politicians and public servants ought not to be allowed to use government vehicles to ferry their wife to the market and pick up their child from school
  • Some minimum educational qualifications for our politicians. 
  • No person with criminal record in our Parliament
  • Bring back Prevention of Terrorism Act (POTA) 
  • Take exemplary action against offenders - everyone will think twice before doing any such crime again 
  • Make it compulsory that all cases have to be heard and disposed off within a certain fixed period, no unnecessary adjournments, impose heavy costs for any delaying tactics adopted by any party, and if any party tries to use political influence immediately put them in jail till they get some sense
  • The US has this concept of social service as part of punishment for first-time offenders, we should also have something like that
  • Teach schoolkids about religion and what religion preaches - not have any wrong ideas about any religion or people from such a religion
  • Common citizens be allowed to question their elected representative without queuing up for hours to see him or feeling like he has done a favour
Feel free to add more. Maybe we can make it a petition. What say folks?


Honestly, do you expect most of these suggestions to be implemented?

Considered yes,implemented....?

Government should insure all the citizens for a sum depending on thier education. Eg Till Tenth - 1 Lakh, Graduate -3 lakhs, P.Grad.- 5 lakhs - PHD- 10 lakhs. The reason is many factors contribute to a person attaining education. If a citizen dies in any manner , be it riot, accident, natural calmity or pure vengenance [ of which he is not the instigator] , the insured amount be given within 4 weeks of the death. If any person thinks he is worth more , he should insure himself according to his needs/life style/profession. In no circumstances should the government be allowed to give away compensation money like exercising arbitorily the powers. The money given to players/artists/ etc - which are not compensatory buit are complimentary should also be governed.

totally unrelated to this and rem u asked for it :-)
so ,what are your views on this.My boss has asked me this and I am asking you.
Also do you have any good documents on ARC and SARFAESI,which will help me undertand the ACT better.
P.S.:Sorry but i didnt have your mail id
mine is lostonthestreet@gmail.com

Brown Mamba - I don't think so, but I really hope that they will be at least considered by someone who can do something

Anonymous, thanks for dropping by.

That's a really good idea - insure citizens depending on their educational qualifications.

Thanks :)

love your suggestions. adn its a Q i've often asked - why do priyanka gandhi and robert vadera need us to pay for their security... great great ideas.

Thanks MM. I wonder why not only do they get security, but roads also get blocked because they'r traveling on the same road? hy? Who the hell are they? Jayanti Narataran says the Gandhi family has lost 2 members to terrorism. Apart from that, there are so many other families which have lost many more mebers to terrorism. What about the people in Beadonpura? Ten people from the same family or that gentleman who came on Barkha Dutt's show - he lost six members of his family in CST? Why no security for them?

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