Merry Christmas

Posted by SMM on 16:08
We had our office party today. This is our Christmas tree with a few of the gifts displayed below.

Everyone had to be dressed in red/ green.

We also had Santa Claus (a very sporting stenographer of our office).

Of course we did have a few spoilsports. They had to get ice cream for all of us.

We had lots of cake.

We exchanged gifts. Ate lots of biryani. Had fun. Sang songs. Just chilled. Decided that 1st January ought to be a holiday and that the holiday list for 2009 should be mostly on Fridays & Mondays.

Merry Christmas Folks!!!!!


what's my gift????

What do you want Arjun? You have me na

Hey nice pics! :) We too had a gr78 christmas lunch at office.

Maan.. you make me so jealous.. I work from home :(!! But the better part of my christmas break is I get 2 weeks off :D!!
Merry Christmas again

hey thanks Ria...so where are your office party pics?

Anu...you work from home. Now your making me jealous, but then I guess the grass always looks greener on the other side. However, I would love to have the flexibility to work from home at least 2 days a week

That seemed lovely!! Hmmm....I'm totally envious!!

Wow!! All that food and fun! What a way to usher in the new year too :-)

Hey Pallavi, the pics you saw are actually from our annual Christmas party. This time around we had a bigger do - till alst year it was cake n snacks n pepsi at the most. This time we also got lunch

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