Posted by SMM on 17:05

Hellloo ppl. I have a bad bad cold :(
I just want to get into my pajamas and climb into bed.
Sadly, I need to research on Insider Trading Regulations :(
Which is not interesting at all.
I have been having cups of hot coffee and soup all day, but my nose is as blocked as ever and soon my ears will also be blocked.
When you have a sinus problem, a cold is the worst thing ever - cuz I have to be careful that I don't trigger off my sinus or get my ear pain (that happens when the eustachian tube gets blocked) or fever or a sore throat or all of them together.
I wish I didn't have to work .

Thankfully my mom is here so she's feeding me nice alu-methi ki sabzi and Arjun will be fed baingan ka bharta :D


you poooooooor sneeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzeeee

hahahah! sounds like fun. i mean the food.

But one things for sure, cold in winters is better than flu in summers.Thats a personal opinion.

for insiders training try getting into people from reliance.


I am feeling awful for you.. I know intimately the pain of sinus.. hope u get better soon.. and I must say with ur mom ard, im sure the pampering is at all time high :)

you should have had the cognac last night

Oh good tht u hav ur mom around.so hav some soup and proper medication and u will b fine. :) Take care.

get well soon SMM!

Happy New Year to u and Arjun HUGS!


Arjun...poor poor me :(

Utopia...I can barely taste my food. My cold also affects the taste buds so something with a delicate flavour like methi is absolutely not tempting me right now :(

Tarun, cold in winters or flu in summers - as far as I am concerned neither is preferable, especially when one has sinusitis.

And as for getting into people from Reliance well....I am really not into committing breach of any law. I am trying to find out about violations and what all would constitute a violation of Insiders Regulations. Any help? I cannot wade through SEBI precedents. Puts me to sleep

Hey Anu, thanks for the wishes...sadly my cold is still here but my mom has gone back :(


Arjun, I should ave also taken steam but noone is heating up water only for me to take steam :(

Hey thanks Ria...while my mom was here she gave me soup n stuff. Now still taking medication and soup but cold is not going only. These scientists should start researching on some medicine for the common cold & sinus problems, then patent it. Oh they are goign to be minting enough money for the next 10 generations

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