Politicians are way lower than Dogs on the Social Scale

Posted by SMM on 09:58
The CM of Kerala deserves all that he got and more. He should be highly ashamed of himself. At a time when a family is grieving the loss of their son in a dastardly attack, he is politicising the whole thing and making extremely uncalled for statements about a martyr's family. When someone asks you, requests you not to enter their house, and you still enter, it is known as trespassing. And when you trespass on someone's private property, the red carpet is not going to be laid out for you. It doesn't make a difference whether you are a CM or a PM or MM or just a common man. So many thousand of people lined up to pay their homage to Sandeep Unnikrishnan, no fuss was raised at that time. Now the family wants to grieve in peace, let us give them that much respect at least. And this is something which any human should and ought to understand and respect. But, I guess politicians are way lower than dogs. Actually why are we insulting dogs here? Aren't they man's best friend after all? I guess dogs all over are going to be up in arms.
And what is all this brouhaha about the resignation of Shivraj Patil, RR Patil & now contemplated resignation of Vilasrao Deshmukh? Why should they resign? How is this going to change things? They ought to hold on to their chairs where we, the people have put them. We demand accountability. Resigning is a coward's option. it is the easiest way out. Resign and hand over the burden to some other bakra (fool). We demand that you stay put on your seats and right the wrongs. Resigning is not an option. Today you are resigning only because you know that you have no answers to the questions raised by us. Have the balls to tell us that you are at least searching for the answers. Didn't you aai (mother) ever teach you that?

Addendum: I'm wondering how this post got published twice. Can anyone tell me that please?


I agree...some politicians realise things only when it's a tad too late! Let em resign then.


Nope Keshi why should they resign? I say they should stand tall and firm and now is the time for them to Actually show their mettle. Why should they take the easiest way out and resign and then leave someone else to handle the mess? In the time taken for the new person to be chosen, takeover, understand everything, we will only lose even more valuable time

I agree Soup. Dogs much better than politicians, atleast they are faithful to the master, these buggers are not even faithful to themselves! I dont know wat to do but m really angry n as a responsible citizen I want to ACT NOW but the question HOW keeps coming back!

how was it published twice suppppp? and yes i read about him in the TOI in the morning. sigh!

I agree SMM...mebbe they should not be allowed to leave just like that!


I agree they should NOT resign. Let them be brave enough to own up to their bloody actions and take responsibility. Let them be held accountable. Resigning is like saying hey! Now that the shit has hit the fan I'm turning around and running away...

But anyway what did you expect from these morons anyway?

Pallavi, this is omething which all of us want to know. What is the Government doing now???

Right now they seem to be busy resigning, offering to resign, rushing to Delhi to discuss their resignation, touring the Taj with film director and actor son etc etc - no action on the intelligence failure or to commend the cops and the citizens for their bravery or reassure them in anyway

Utopia, even I'm wondering how it got published twice? i don't know myself either. Btw Kerala CM has now apoligies under pressure from his party and jootas from opposition

Keshi, they should totally be made accountable - after they are the leaders of the state and country. Why should they resign, now as Anansi says when the shit as hit the fan (read comment below).

Anansi, I totally agree. They should not be allowed to resign simply like that. Even when someone leaves a company they have to do the handing over - taking over and serve notice period, and maybe even forfeit some money or pay soemthing. let these guys pay up for all the costs incurred by the state on them if they choose to resign

Yes...they should start working atleast now...but its a tad too late for all those who lost their lives that day.

I say take new ppl...fresh thinkers...before it becomes too late for some others too.


I don't want to comment this. The mere thought of the whole episode is pathetic. Goes to show how low one could stoop as a human.

Fresh thinking - hmm, now that's a point. Unfortunately, me has no confidence in any politician any more

J, I totally agree...forget the fact that the gentleman is grieving his son's death, nobody deserves a remark like that without some extremely valid justification. And the Kerala CM ought to have his mouth washed out by soap by his mommy

i totally agree wid u sup..i had the same thoughts as urs on the resignation of the CM and the deputy CM..hw cud they be allowed to escape without giving an answer..not that they hav one..but still..they shud hav been aptly reprimanded and asked to do a 'clean-up' act before allowing them to run away wen the ship was sinking..and as fr the kerala cm..well, if i was the PM, i swear to God..i would have let wild dogs feast on him...aftr making him run fr his life in his dhoti...

Hey Alak...that would be a sight for sure to see....Achutanandan running down a road clutching his dhoti while wild dogs chase him :P

But yeah it is sad that the Maharashtra CM & Deputy CM have been allowed to resign. They will be back in a few months again, right now they'r taking a break

ya..they can tk a break frever..v dont need them nyways and the ones v need are nowhere to b seen..just wondering what the thakerays are planning to do fr their "aamchi mumbai" ;) just keeping away frm the trouble i guess..
and think abt it..election time again..wowie!!! im so excited..(option A).jerk (option B).moron (option C).illiterate (option D).as---le (option E)...

Alak I somehow very much doubt that those would be the options that will be offered on the ballots next year :P

Thackeray is hiding while his Bombay and marathi manus are dying...let's garland him with jootas and parade him on a hadha :P

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