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I feel like I'm burning the candle at both ends. Yet I can't manage to keep the most important people in my life happy. I wonder what is it that I can do more. I wonder where it is that I went wrong somewhere down the line. Why do I get to hear this time and again?


what happened hon? u ok?

Maybe you can take a step back and see 1) If you have been doing too much 2) People are taking you for granted (even loved ones, yes) 3) If you are doing the right things

Just thoughts - I might be completely wrong.

Mebbe some introspection will help. Sit quietly and think where u r goin wrong. And i m sure u'll get the answer to ur question.

Some one said, "If u r going thru hell keep going."

So chill.

Smile honey...... life ain't that bad!!
You're pushing yourself too hard... don't punish yourself with what is not yours....

Hey Chandni...m fine. Just that the pressure gets to me sometimes. I just end up feeling like a dhobi ka kutta - na idha ka na udhar ka

Hey Skroderider (interesting name btw)...welcome to my blog.

Sometimes, you just get so caught up in work that you end up neglecting the personal front and vice versa as well. I just end up feeling pulled at all ends.

Am I doing too much - I get the impression I do too little or nothing at all.

People don't take me for granted - at least I don't think so. They'r pretty understanding generally and that makes me feel even more worse.

Am I doing the right things - I try doing what seems right to me at that moment though it seems very wrong later and that leaves me very confused

Hey Tarun, this seems like an endless ride :(

Thanks baby :)

Hey Ria...if I sit down to think about I just end up feeling even more bad. So I have just stopped thinking about it. This is what I am. Love me or leave me but beyond breaking myself into 4 different pieces, I don't see what else I can do

Thanks for the welcome.
Well - you seem be to self-aware about your situation - that means that you can sail through it.

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Hey Skroderider, right now I feel like I'm floundering the deep end of the pool :P

Learn to swim, then. :D

Skroderider, I'v learnt to swim with the tide as well as against the tide, but then I'm allowed to crib once in a while right :P

Thanx Skoderider

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