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Posted by SMM on 15:11
I thought I had left my studying days behind. I don't want to study. I don't want to research. I don't want to brief. For god's sake, you have a file, read it like the rest of us do. And if you don't understand something, figure it out. I'v been in this profession for 2.5 years, you'v been here for 20+. I want to sleep. No actually, I want to curl up with a good thriller and a cup of hot chocolate inside my lovely brown razai (blanket) with the fan running on 2. I want to go no an all-India trip visiting everyone. I don't want to sit and research on an erratic law research website.



i knowwwwwwwww! me too. me too.all i do is research and research on rbi, or sebi, some governmental wesbite or some compliance required or some stoopid notification of some random date.

Aww sweets!i feel u desperately need a break!! :) Go for it babe!!

Tch tch tch!!

I know i know... i'm supposed to red up a 61 page document myself and... inspiration nahi aata.

Hmmm...can't you research on erotic...oops...erratic thrillers instead ;-)

story of our lives SMM!

sadly we always seem to be doing something we DONT wanna do. Why is that?


God..i soo relate to that feeling today!!
hate simply hate coming to office in the morning..
I think morning office should be banned!

Hey Utopia...I am bored of working actually - be it research or drafting right ow. Right now work is just bugging me

hey Ria, we'r planning on going for a vacation in April for our 2nd anniversary. Let's see now where we do finally go

J...jao padhai karo. Think of that lovely big fat cheque at the end of the month for inspiration :p

Pallavi...trust me I'd love to. Unfortunately for me, they'r not going to answer the queries posed by the judge or the senior counsel :(

Hey Ekta...welcome to my blog. I think we all should have summer and winter vacations like we did in schools. Then it would be bearable :p

Hello SMM,
A friendly hello from Brazil.

Hello Geraldo....welcome to my blog. Hope to cya around now more often :)

hahahaahah!!!! me tooooooooooo!!! i soooo want to do wat u want to do with the fan on 2!!!! lol....

i hope u are off the research by now!

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