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So after my cribbing on my previous post about my weighty issues, Roo has got a few of us together and we have a new blog at Fitness Fervor. We'r going to be motivating each other so that finally gives someone the right to officially kick my butt when it comes to these issues :P

On an aside, I just realized I am officially like all growed up (nope that's not a typo) now. I have been married for almost two years now, my maid does not try to tell me how to do stuff anymore, I can cook and can call people over for dinner with about a day's notice, I talk all growed-up stuff with my school friends when we meet like job security, work satisfaction, husbands, investments, family functions, maid problems (nope we DO NOT and WILL NOT discuss saas-bahu serials), upcoming marriages of friends, kids of friends who have had them, we check our diaries when we can meet up and schedule lunches/ coffees/ drinks/ din
ners, we ask "Are you busy/ Is this a good time?" when we call each other, we are used to our lunches/ coffees/ drinks/ dinners getting canceled at the last minutes cuz "Work has come up", we plan our weekends at least 10 days advance, we got parlours and get facials/ pedicures/ manicures while reading the latest Cosmo, we have chairs with wheels (For me as a kid, they were the ultimate sign of office), we seriously discuss buying our own house.

Yup I'm all growed up now. It's still sinking in. Sometimes I still feel like I am 6 years old especially when I go home, and I find that my favourite deser
t has been made and I lick the kadhai in which it was made with my fingers like I used to.


hey....sounds amazing.. can i join? can i join?? ahem..now that i am done with jumping up and down like a school kid.. hehe.. tell me how? :)

I think it will be a while before I'm all growed up =P Fitnessfervor is awesome.

-spamwarrior off ff

hey...SMM.. id is anand.tanu@gmail.com! thanks! :)

and yes... it is appalling at how ppl are ready to shell out 10K for a night out... but are scared of sparing 500/- a month for a cause! well..all i am trying to do is getting them to change their outlook! :)

Hey Tanu...well your on board now but you can still continue with the jumping. You may just end up losing half a kg :P

Hey Abby...welcome to my blog :)

Yup...I don't want to be all growed up myself. I want that some part of me always remain a child :P

hey tht sounds cool gurl!!have fun...and i m still the same when it comes to desserts. :P

Interesting SMM! :) Good on ya too!


yes... you're all grown up... I can see that.....

i hope you follow your fitness regime seriously!!

And what do i have to do to join?

ANd i hate been all growed up :-(

Ria...its all the deserts which got to me :P

Thanks Keshi :)

Arjun...i'l make you do it too baby

hey Lostie..ping Roop and tell her you wanna join. Her blog url is thr at the bottom of my page - 'Banalities of Life'

home is where we never grow up. I'm sure even at 60, we'll still want our mummy and be fed and lick plates and all that :)

Hey, you stay in Gurgaon. I moved from there to Mumbai. But honestly, i'd kind of become bored of the place.

i think i'm going to join fitness fervor too. I badly need to have some focus in that area.

Hey A...welcome to my blog and thanks for dropping by.

Yup home is where we'l always remain a child. My mom still gets scolded by her mom for no eating properly. I tried my mom I'm a married woman now etc etc...but no avail. I still get yelled at if I don't make my bed. but guess that's what makes it home:P

Hey Mumbai Diva...welcome and thanks for dropping by.

Gurgaon is okay - don't really spend mmuch time there other than Sundays and holidays. And I'm bored of the malls - here is nothing else to do thr.

Btw the funny part is i moved from Mumbai to Gurgaon. I so miss Mumbai though. The plays, the sea breeze, the pav bhaji, the sandwich walas,t he vada pavs - I can go on n on

awww i know.. i was telling sudhanshu the other day that i feel am still 16 except fatter, older and with longer hair.. and with a job which takes the freakin mickey outa me.. but i still feel like a teen in my head and my heart and i guess we shud all preserve that forever.. since am not married, my maid still tells wht shud be done.. i am quite -jst-out-of-college category still.. i guess the extended studying for masters did that for me :D

awww! me feels young too! till i try to wear those college jeans that is!!! :(
lets get fit!!!! :D

Rach....6 years of studying after school I guess should do anyone in. But you'v also been working for almost 3 years now - so what student feeling do you get, unless you choose to call yourself one deliberately ('Abhi to main jawaan hoon') :P

Hey Crafty...welcome to my blog :)

Yeah let's get fit babe and wow our batchmates at a ten year reunion by wearing our college jeans :)

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