Let's bomb Pakistan

Posted by SMM on 11:33
Our neighbouring country seems to have more surprises hidden up is sleeve. After India's 26/11, now the attack on the national cricket team of Sri Lanka. What next? When will we say 'enough is enough'. When will all this stop? Pakistan has gone crazy. Wat is Mr. Zardari doing? There has to be some tacit support from the government which is why everyday something or the other is happening. Why was no proper security provided to the Sri Lankan team? What more proof does Pakistan want? If they cannot control their country-men, then maybe the UN should step in and take some action. Why is the UN just sitting quiet on this? It's happened to India, now Sri lanka. Only when US will be attacked will some action be taken. Remember WW II. USA sat tight and made money out of the war until Pearl Harbour was attached. Yesterday it was India, today Sri Lanka, who next?
What will it take for all the world to come together and take some action against Pakistan? What is to say that they won't drop a nuclear bomb on India next? Why are we sending them letters to prove that Pakistan is responsible for 26/11. Let Pakistan show that it is not responsible. Let Mr. Zardari step down and say his country is no longer in his hands. It is acting like an overgrown teenager gone out of hand as John has so rightly put it. Our politicians are only worried about the upcoming elections right now. What if we have no country only left? What is my government doing besides campaigning?


im actually waiting for taliban to take it over :)

As per a news channel report citing opinion of Pakistani population,they have more faith in Taliban than they have in their "chosen" government. Imagine how sad that must be for a democracy!

ya, read that one in the papers...the day they start attacking visiting cricket teams, u know things are seriously getting out of hand. wat is the pak govt doing is the real question.i mean how do they let such things happen? scary stuff.

It is really sad. And Sri Lanka showed good faith by agreeing to play there and this is what happens!

In fact,Pakistan toured Sri Lanka in 1996 when there was violence in Sri Lanka and not many countries would tour Sri Lanka,which is when Pakistan stepped in and toured the island country.A humanitarian effort on the part of the then Pakistani team but in no way are such acts anything but cowardly.Even if it had been inflicted upon civilians rather than the national cricket team.

Hey Roopp...once the Taliban takes over that will be the end of the day :P

Tanuj...sad? I think they probably have more faith in the Taliban because of the gutless spineless so-called leaders that their democracy has on display

Hey Mandira...I wouldn't be surprised if the Pak govt. itself is part of this whole shootout as well as what happened in Bombay

Hey Payal..welcome and thanks for dropping by at my blog. Is it any wonder that Dhoni said that there will be no cricket in Pakistan for the next few years

Tanuj...I agree. Whether committed on civilians or cricketers this is absolute cowardice.

Btw didn't we have the World Cup in India, Pakistan & Sri Lanka in 1996? UI am sure other teams also toured Sri Lanka then to play various WC matches

Yeah world cup was indeed in 1996 in the sub continent but I think there was a seperate series in Sri Lanka where West Indies refused to participate.

Sad to see what's happening in Pakistan and worrying to know that we are it's immediate neighbors.

I so love the title of ur post babe!and i m seriously so fed up tht i feel thts the best option. One nuclear bomb and jus wipe off tht country!

Whadya mean? The Government is singing 'Jai Ho' with gusto! Isn't that enough to revive our sagging spirits? I tell you, the Aam Aadmi is getting too demanding these days!

Btw, I've started believing Pak is just a non-entity - a ghost - a pawn - a puppet (or whatever one can call it) in the hands of bigger criminals. What do you think US/Germany/Russia/etc. were upto in the bygone era?

Ria...the only thing which deters us now is MAD - mutually Assured Destruction. If we bomb them, then they bomb back or we get bombed by the US (the goonda). yet I feel we ought to bomb them

Well Pallavi...the government is busy singing 'Jai h' while the aam aadmi keeps wailing 'kuch to ho' :P

there should be a "ctrl alt del" or an "end task" for the process called Pakistan.

adi da geek.

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