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Big meeting in the evening. Yours truly is however, extremely sleepy. Yours truly is risking her life and limb and job and the pay cheque she loves if she falla asleep. Yours truly desperately fighting to stay awake. Yours truly is immune to the feeka office coffee. Yours truly has walked around the office and taken a catnap and chatted and read up the day's headlines - yet she is still sleepy. Yours truly has a 243 page judgment to read on Hindu succession. Is it any wonder Yours truly is sleepy?


haahhhaaha!!!!! wake up, get going womannnnnn!

Lol do you have an interesting job or what!

Trying hard to stay awake babe :)

Your job sounds like fun ;)

u truly have my sympathies girl. wash ur face with cold water...usually helps.

Sounds like its training for some sleepless years ahead :P (experience talking btw :D)

Hey Tanuj....yup my job is generally quite interesting though it does have times of sheer boredom as well

J, reading a 243 page judgment - Fun? Dude your idea of fun and my idea of fun is very different

Mandira, tried - nothing helped :(

Anu, right now your just jealous that I can go home and just crash on my bed(which is what I did last night) :P

Out of curiosity SMM,what dya do?

Tanuj...I'm an advocate

jump! put some heavy metal on

And I thought you were an HR person for some weird reason! :p

Hahahah... I meant 'fun' in a different way. This reminds me of a certain training session in my previous company.

We were supposed to read the client contracts and stuff and suggest changes.

No surprises, but 20 minutes into the session all of us including the instructor decided to have a coffee break and move on to the next session.

Aditya...finally you deigned to comment. I'm in office - how do you expect me to play heavy metal stupid?

Tanuj...I can assure you I displayed my sleepy tendencies in college too and slept through all my labour law classes. And HR? Ugh. I thought they were the most hated after lawyers. Dude I like to be top of the ladder of the most hated profession :P

Hey J...ya I can imagine why the topic was changed after 20 minutes - sleepy class is oen thing but a sleepy instructor to boot?

Very true.HR and Lawyers actually keep edging each other in the coveted "most hated profession" post.

ha ha tht was so funny!so wht did u do on sunday babe!?

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