Slaving away earning my remuneration

Posted by SMM on 19:46
Waaaaaah...I had written this whole post about losers who like to dose out sarcastic comments to others, but when its their turn to take it they turn around and say "Hey, no need to get personal". There was some glitch when I hit the 'Publish' button and my post seems to have disappeared.

Anyway 7:45 on a Saturday evening and yours truly is still slaving in office and making a poor intern slave away too (well they got to earn their 5k don't they by sacrificing at least one Saturday evening). Hey I'm not a slave driver but deadlines are deadlines. I am not too happy about the fact that I have sacrificed my Saturday as well as my Sunday. Arjun's in Calcutta (he had the hugest prawns ever last night made for him by his sasuma, aka my mom). My mom's delighted. I was in Cal last weekend and this weekend Arjun is in Cal. Oh well....I'l go get some TLC from the in-laws :)


Aaah..here comes the TLC :-)hehehe

wow!the prawns sounded yummy... :P Hope u r doing fine. Drop by my space when u hav the time. Hav been missing u babe!!

Hey Lostie (way shorter n easier to type) :)

TCL - much needed after a long hard day at work. Did you get your dosage ?

Hey Ria...the prawns I am sure were yummm but I unfortunately didn't get to eat them. Arjun did. All khatirdaari is for jamai :P

Will drop by soon babe.

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