Wordzzle Time

Posted by SMM on 12:05
The words for this week’s Wordzzle are:
ghastly, excrement, bill of sale, vague, thicket, precarious, life long ambition, gunnery sergeant, posthumous, bellowed

I walked towards the parking lot she had ordered me to. There was a ghastly smell of excrement coming from somewhere beyond a thicket of gumwood trees. I started the car, then realized that I had to cross a precarious bridge to get out of the parking lot. Well it had been my lifelong ambition to be a racetrack driver – this was my one and only chance. Closed my eyes, said a quick prayer and bellowed “Forward” as loud as a gunnery sergeant on D-Day and just raced forward. After a couple of minutes I felt something solid. Opened my eyes. Oh wonder of wonders!!! I was not posthumous Sam Singh from India. I was aliveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I started the car and raced forward toward the market. Gawd the ‘Old horse’ as I had nicknamed her was really nothing less than a gunnery sergeant herself. 
See ya again next Saturday folks….


Great job! I love the humor of your story. I'm looking forward to Sam's adventures and to find out more about the strange old lady. You're very good at this.

A challenge well faced! :)
Story as well as writing.
Cheers & have a good weekend

I love "I was not posthumous ..." as a way to say I'm not dead. that's just perfect.

A really fun and pulled together paragraph :)

Raven: Thanks. I'm looking forward too - it all depends on the next set of words given by you

PS: Thanks....hope you had a good weekend too :)

Dianne: Thanks. Will drop by at yours later during the day :)

Im learning new words just by reading ur fantastic posts SMM. Keep up the good work!


Thanks Keshi :)

Replied to your comment on PS's blog, post her mentioning you wanting a clarification.
Visiting your blog kinda let me down since I realised that Dr Shenoy had just lost a prospective client, what with you being married . The long awaited post is taking shape and getting the final touch ups. Not sure if it will be ready ahead of the next awards list or I would need to wait till next year to accept the same (more likely to be a few stones thrown in my direction I guess - good we stay in concrete houses nowadays). Keep in touch. Cheers

hey satish...WC to my blog. Good to see your wife has finally pulled you into the pool. Hope to see 'Just a Mother of Two' expanding to include 'father of Two' as well :)

this wordzzle thingy is pretty interesting. You just make up a story based on the words?

j: yup that's what we do on Wordzzle. The fun and challenge lies in that fact that all of us use the same words and come up with completely different stories

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