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The words for this week's Wordzzle are "pogo stick, ant farm, psychic, tin box, wall safe, Waterloo, surge protector, pneumonia, ravages of time, turtle".

For those who are not familiar with this you can refer back to Raven's blog.

Now for my two bits (drumrolllll):
"So, Mam, that Egyptian cruise you mentioned? You met a sheikh and an Indian who both wanted to marry you? "

"Speak up young man. Don't mumble. What is wrong with you? Grammatical erros and mumbling. I can't hear you. "

"YOUR EGYPTIAN CRUISE?" I bellowed. She had been able to hear just fine so far.

"Ah the time I got pneumonia. I was carrying an ant farm as a gift for the people I was staying with. They didn't seem to appreciate it much though. They didn't know how I had kept it safe in a tin box in a wall safe all through the journey. Anyway the high and mighty family I was staying with didn't like it. So I gave it away. I should have taken them a turtle instead."

"Ummmm whom did you give the ant farm away to?"

"Stop skirting around a topic young man. You’re skirting around a topic like a kid jumping around a manhole on his
pogo stick. I may look stupid but I'm psychic you know."

Her metaphors were worse than Sidhu’s comments. Just like a scene straight out of a Bollywood movie, there was a flash of lighting and thunder…and the power flickered. 

“Do you have a surge protector Mam?”

“A what?” Why on earth would I need that? All newfangled nonsense. Switch off the light and bring me the candle from the shelf there.”

“You know I even went to Waterloo when I was in Egypt.”

Waterloo in Egypt? Uh isin’t that in Belgium.”

“Be quiet. You know nothing. Belgium is where Hercule Poirot is from. I have met him 
also. Too short and was a little funny.”

“You met Hercule Poirot? I thought he was a fictional character from Agatha Christie.”

“You know nothing. It was me who told her about him and she wrote the books.”

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Oh my, I just love Mam! She reminds me of my grandmother!

Fabulous job. :)

Ah Hercule, I am a fan of the PBS series. I really like this story and the lady's flights of fancy.


Ah Hercule, I am a fan of the PBS series. I really like this story and the lady's flights of fancy.


Oh my! She's quite a character isn't she! How will he ever get any information out of her? LOL!

I love your two bits ;)

I love the idea of bringing an ant farm as a hostess gift and jumping on a pogo stick around a manhole is a wonderful image.

I just love these two characters. Well done! They make me chuckle every week.

Now who wouldn't love an ant farm for a gift? LOL! Great story!


This is my fav one.. !! I have a smile on my face through the entire read.. loved the ant farm as a gift

"jumping around a manhole on a pogo stick"

LOL .. very nice!

Great Wordzzle!

clever clever SMM!

**I may look stupid but I'm psychic you know."

like that one..cute too :)


Hey--very clever! :) Egypt got me fully hooked.(And usually I HATE reading fiction in other people's blogs)
BTW there is an Arjun who leaves comments on my blog and he also has a photo blog--Is that the same Arjun you are married to?

Akelamalu: Mam is completely a figment my imagination, so if I get stuck i'm going to need you to provide some inspirations then :P

Thanks :)

Richard: watch this space...you'l find more coming

Melli: Oh well..that's what we'l have to wait and watch. I don't know myself yet

Dianne: Thanks :)

Thanks Raven :)

Kimmie: I somehow don't think frankly that I would. There would be ants all over the house then. I could totally understand the hostess not wanting to accept it :P

Thanks Keshi...I thought that was rather cute too :)

Ps: I shall take that as a big compliment coming from you...and yup same Arjun who comments on your blogs and has a photo blog too

And hows ur ankle now?


Hey Keshi...thanks for asking. Ankle is much better now but not fully okay yet. I can only wonder at what a bad fall I had that its not yet healed. I'm still hobbling around

oops...do TC of it SMM!

btw I wanted to erase that scar on my knee so fast, I pulled the dry skin off on it real quick last nite...and it stared bleeding again :( lol!


Your wordzzle's are getting better and better ;)

Nice read.

Thanks J...btw where are you and how are you?

whao!! - thats quite something

Wow! Fabulous! Great job!

Thanks Whirlwind & Kim :)

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