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I have been doing all kinds of small small things since morning like discussing status of matters, updating charts and relying to mails, reminding my clerks of things to be done by him, looking at the status of matters next week - basically anything where I don't have to use my brains. Today my brains are in a hooky mood.

And my brain has convinced me that I need to take a half day and go meet my little 3 month old nephew who has just reached India on Saturday night and also pull Arjun (the Hubby) along :D

Half days for both of us .... wooohooooooooo. Maybe I can also convince him to treat me to a double scoop of Baskin Robbins Coffee Almond Fudge in a waffle cone :P


Nice plan
Chocolate flavour my always favourite.
;) yummy...

Oh wow!tht sounds like so much of fun.Its always gud to break routines in this way. Hav fun babes! :)

sounds wonderful, hope you had a great time

hooky is necessary at times

wow thats a nice lil getaway...enjoy it hun! And I hope u get to scoop some icecream too :)


Hobo: Hey Wc to my blog....I'm a complete chocaholic too :)

Ria: Yes it certainly is a good break sometimes, especially since my work is such that if I need to take leave on a particular day I need to plan a month in advance

Dianne: I completely agree. Arjun (my hubby) was just soooo excited since I was the one who suggested it yesterday

keshi: I ended up having vanilla ice cream at my uncle's place for desert. Your most welcome to share that :)

we had a great time yesterday.... must do it again soon when your husband ain't around!!

wow and I like Vanilla flavor :)


Nice plans for the day. Let us know how they shape up.

Keshi: I like ice cream. period. Even if its chilli flavour (yes i have even tried that)

Solitaire: They were certainly a welcome break. Getting to meet my nephew was definitely great

Oohhh, I didn't Arjun was your hubby. Stupid me :P The same guy on the other blog right??

Yup same guy :)

yum, me wants too. mostly on saturdays, i want to shut off all mental faculties. natural perhaps. :D

Rachita: Playing hooky on a working day is even more fun :P

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