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Mr. Syed Geelani has said that he is a Pakistani. Then why is he still in India? Why does he not go stay in his own country? Why does he not go back to Pakistan then? Geelani is living in India, surviving on Indian resources and openly defying the Indian government by proclaiming he is a Pakistani. Because he knows that once he leaves Indian soil he will have no value for Pakistan. If I could, I would have him publicly whipped (in accordance with Islamic law - not Indian law) for betraying his country. Let him be made a public example. You don't like India - you say that you don't belong here. Then go - go seek asylum in Pakistan. Pakistan has enough of its own problems, that it needs another. And if Pakistan also won't have you then become an independent country surrounded by two of the biggest hubs for terrorist training schools (I wonder is it like Kota with all its IIT training institutes?). Kashmir has suffered enough. It does not need Pakistani a***licking sycophants to add another problem.

Oh and while we'r at it. Who the hell is Arundhati Roy to say anything about the Kashmir issue or that Kashmir needs freedom from India? Last I heard India had not colonized Kashmir that it needs azaadi (freedom) from India. Just because she has allegedly followed people's movements and is a Booker prize winner - does that give her the right to say anything seditious and get away with it? She would have been jailed for making such a statement in any other part of the world. She forgets that it is only because she is an Indian citizen that she has the liberty to say such a thing. Would she have had such liberty to say any such thing in Pakistan?  Today she says that Kashmir needs azaadi. Tomorrow she'l say give away he Seven Sister states in the North-east. next she'l say Gujrat should also be given azaadi. Has she forgotten how Taslima Nasreen was issued a fatwa in her own country and today runs and hides in fear of her own countrymen?
This is not about being a Hindu or a Muslim, but about people who try to divide India on communal lines. I not only condemn Islamic extremists, but I also equally condemn Hindu extremists.


Sorry.. failed to keep in touch with the current affairs in India.. sad to see the Kashmir issue being brought up again.

Hope the dust settles down soon before any further chaos.

**I not only condemn Islamic extremists, but I also equally condemn Hindu extremists.

I so agree. Extremism of all sorts has to be CONDEMNED.


J..howz life saat samunadr paar? Hope you have the issues of the heart somewhat sorted out now.

As for Kshmir, yes I do hope the dust dies down soon. I empathise with the youth of Kashmir who have grown up in an atmosphere of terror and militancy but I condemn ppl like Geelani who say they are Pakistanis or someone like Arundhati Roy who got famous with her one in number book and now thinks she can go around saying whatever she wants. She should be issued some Hindu equivalent of a fatwa. Being a well known author she should certainly think before she speaks, or maybe this is all headline grabbing attempts

Keshi: Fighting for one's rights is something I completely support but fighting for one's rights by bombing and creating terror for others is something I don't agree with

I know this is about India but I feel the same when people live in the United States and diss it. If its so bad, they should return to their "motherland" instead of being parasitic.

don't they realise they wouldn't survive on their own? even if they did the economy would be in tatters. tis not that easy. it is one thing rebelling and demanding independence and complete autonomy and another thing running a complete country and don't we have enough examples in this world on how big a failure it can be. it is ridiculous. it would be giving birth to another pakistan and this one would be breathing right down on our necks.

Solitaire: That is so true. These kind of ppl will never be satisfied with whatever they get and wherever they are. They will always think that the grass is greener on the other side

Utopia: Nope these ppl haven't thought about what happens once they actually breakaway. Right now they are only concerned with breaking away from India. What will happen to them once they are a part of Pakistan or form their own independent country they haven't though about that.

Ms KMM. I am a kashmiri and i went through ur post. I just wish to let u and all ur readers know that loosing over 2 lakh brothers and sisters isnt a joke. when were coming out of this trauma, suddenly urn. To add to ur knowledge there were no protests in last 3 years. just becoz ppl were happy with their lives. we wont give an inch of our land unless the board is headed by a kashmiri hindu. Mr. S.K Sinha, our previous governor, who ignited all this issue has been accused of spreading communal hatred earlir in Assam also. If govt. of India knew this, why did they send him here, only to worsen the situation. Who gives the Indian army the right to kill innocent kashmiris. Its true that there are terrorist here..but that doesnt mean that they go on killing innocent civilians..I need an answer..

Feels good to see ppl finally starting to realise what kind of dirt these ppl r...i wrote abt these two complex individual 3 yrs back...

Saadat: Firstly welcome to my blog.

I know losing 2 lakh brothers and sisters is not a joke. Losing even one brother is not a joke. I completely agree with that. But what I don't agree with is Geelani and Arundhati Roy's statements. They are living in Indian soil, supported by Indian funds and protected by the Indian army. We have also lost scores of Indian army personnel who died defending the border of their country. they came from all parts of India - Assam, Bihar, Bengal, Maharashtra, Kerala. Today they can stand there and say this because they are on Indian soil. Could they have said this if they were in Pakistan and got away with it?

Saadat, I am not a Kashmirir. my knowledge of what has been happening in Kashmir today is from the media, and what a friend of mine has told me. She is a Kashmirir pandit and they were kicked out of their ancestral home at gunpoint and her father was shot right in front of her. Can you justify this? I don't intend this to be a communal post, but I am, sure you also know taali ek haath se nahi bajti.

Hey Southpaw, welcome to my blog. I am surprised that no action has been taken till now. We talk about fatwas issued by Muslims clerics when someone says anything which is against Islam. When Arundhati Roy and Geelani say any such thing, how is it that RSS, BJP, Bajrang Dal and Shiv Sena sit quiet.

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