A Wee Bit of Sympathy for me, Please

Posted by SMM on 14:46
Spare me a wee bit of sympathy please. I tripped and fell right outside my office yesterday and hurt my left ankle pretty bad. Today my left ankle is encased in a crepe bandage. It hurts to even shift it slightly from the angle at which it is resting. Arjun's taking me for an X-ray this evening.
Before you ask why did I come to office today, I had to. I have a matter coming up for final arguments tomorrow.

Addendum: I am much better now. Still hobbling around but the X-ray report said no ligament tear or hairline fracture thankfully. Hope to be shipshape by the end of this week. Thanks for all the sympathy folks. Made me feel so much better :)


awwwwwwwwww! take care suppppp! hugs!

Thanks Utopiaaaaaa

OMG!i hope its nothin serious....although it sounds so. Lemme know whtever it is. Till then take care gurl!

...yes....wee bit of sympathy... and no more!!

I also need sympathy... poor me working so hard.... :-) taking care of you!!

Ria: Well the x-ray report is due today, then I'l know how bad it is. Thanks for the sympathy & shall keep you posted :)

Arjun: Huggggggggggggggggg




btw u need rest SMM...Im not approving of u coming to work today at all..

*shakes head*


Keshigirl...I would have also rather stayed home and taken some rest. But I had to come since I have an extremely urgent matter today. Wish me luck :)

ayyo - paaaaaavam - muah :)

aiy aiy yyyooo


Get well soon dear.

All my sympathies is with you... and all my empathy with Arjun.lol



Johnnie: I want chocolates too :P

Thanks Aham...as for Arjun he's doing a little bit of biwi ki seva so that's good :)

i always do biwi ki sewa........ not just when she's lame duck!!

well hows u today?


Arjun: That's cuz 'v trained you so well :P

Keshi: Thanks for asking. Much better today. Still hobbling around, but the pain has definitely lessened. Should be walking fine by end of the weeekend I hope

Ouch.. that doesnt sound goood!!!

Take care!~!
[came over from keshi's blog]

Hey Aarti...welcome to my blog. Thanks for the sympathy and fr dropping by. Hope to cya around more often :)

Good to know that SMM :)

u know my scar is so big and pink now..it looks like Australia :(


btw ur tagged! :)


ALL CONCERNED PERsonnel... please note that SMM is feeling much better now... hopefully she'll be cooking dinner for the huSBAND tonite!!

Does heating contents of a packet in the microwave count as cooking :P

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