Its Raining...Its Pouring

Posted by SMM on 14:13
Its raining
Its pouring
The old man is snoring....

I feel like getting out of my office and going dancing in the rain.
I want to launch paper boats in the rain.
I want to sing in the rain - "Aao bachchon tumhe dikhaye jhaanki Hindustan ki". Don't ask me why that particular sng, but maybe cuz 'm feeling patriotic with Independence day coming up next week.
I want to have garma garam pakoras with spicy hari chutni.
I want to go splotch in the puddles. the lane outside my school would get flooded very fast and we would go splotch splotch in knee deep water screaming and shrieking, splashing water on one and all.
I have just had a hearty meal and now I want to simply curl up and sleep.

Anyway 'wants' aside, tomorrow is a SECOND SATURDAY, which for me means its a holidayyyyyyyyy. Arjun's going out of town this weekend on work. My plans include a nice looooooooong session at the parlour indulging myself with a seaweed wrap (or should I have a sea salt face cleansing) and a manicure and a pedicure and a back massage and a very painful but essential blackhead removal session. Why do allt he lovely things in life have to have some bit which is painful :(

I plan a Sunday of getting up late & afternoon naps (before and after lunch) & lotsa reading time.



I'm gonna be workinngg and you're gonna be having fun.... not fair!!

but.. what the heck... there's the next weekend... when you're off and i'm not.... so i'll be lazy then!1

Cool gurl!hav an awesome weekend. Unfortunately my weekend wont b tht gud. Read my latest post to knw y. :(

Arjun: You can enjoy your coming up bachelor weekend :)

Ria: Awww don't worry gurl. these things happen. i know it sucks though

splashing in puddles is a wonderful thing to do - all adults should try it more often!

a close second is running through autumn leaves as soon as they have been piled up.

your rain photo is beautiful. love the way the drops look.

have a wonderful weekend.

Sounds like fun! Hope its going great!

nice chilled post, altho a lil drenched ;-)

**Why do allt he lovely things in life have to have some bit which is painful :(

nature. no pain no gain u see.



Dianne: Stamping along on dried up leaves and waiting for that crunch sounds....That's how I met one of my closest friends. Both of us wanted to stamp a big pile of dried up leaves in autumn :)

Solitaire: Yup its going great. A lazy lazy weekend. Little rain. Nice fun & chilled out time. How was your weekend?

Keshi: I love the gain bit but not the pain bit :)

me too :) but Im sure if we didnt experience PAIN, we'd now appreciate that GAIN as much as we appreciate it right now hehe..

sorry for sounding like Agony Aunt lol!


That sounds like a great weekend.. except the blackhead part.. that is such a painful experience!!!

Nice pics of the Delhi rain! Sleeping, reading, beauty treatment and ample time to do all of these..what more can you ask for in life! :)

Keshi, I appreciate the GAIN completely and whole heartedly. But I can still whine about the PAIN right :P

Anu: Yes it certainly is. Even worse than getting my eye brows done

Zombie: Its been ages since I enjoyed a lazy weekend. Generally I get only a Sunday off, most of which goes in doing the household chores. So a two day weekend is like completely luxury. I get a two day weekend only once a month though - the Second Saturday f the month is an off for us.

Hugo's 3rd or 5th law- all good things in life are painful, sinful or fattening... pakoras.. yumm.. cake yumm.. blackhead removing session? OUCH- painful..

i missed the downpour.. god knows where i was!

Rachita: You were in Bombay the past week remember

The sea weed wrap sounds lovely. Hope it was relaxing and a holiday well spent.

Preeti: Well I was running short of time so had to skip the sea weed wrap...boo hoo. However the rest of it was lovely. Three well spent hours at the parlour :D

And welcome to my blog...hope to cyz around more :)

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